Welcoming people to our land

Me and my husband have been trying to set up a community for the past 5 years, and we thought it will be much easier than it is. Then finally we found a lot of good information and books that people have been sharing many years before we were even born, how it has never been an easy thing to do.

Since then we took it easy on ourselves and let it happen by itself. And then i found this forum. I m very happy to have found this gem in the sea of internet.

We have been hosting volunteers from all over the world for the past 5 years, and got to see what works for us and what doesnt. and we learned so much about our selves when we are in a community surrounding.

Unfortunately a lot of those amazing people we hosted, did not stick around long term since they were on a path of self discovery traveling the world. We did that many years ago before we bought the land and settled down. and we are now looking for people who feel the same. or who at least want to have roots for most of the year and then go travelling(since even that is easier when you have more people on the land).

We live in Bosnia, a gem country in Europe, but it is as well not part of the European Union which makes it more beautiful due to all the crazy things happening in the world and around the politics.

It is very easy to attain residence permit(i m happy to talk more about that to interested people), and the land is pretty cheap. We have in mind that somebody who is interested can stay at our piece of land, in a camper or even we can build a “try out” hut or earthbag house and see how it feels.

There are a lot of other things to be considered ofcourse for all parts included, but we are making this post to show to people interested in this that we exist and are searching for likeminded families/individuals.

Currently at our property we have goats, sheep,chicken, ducks, orchard and a big garden with a green house. We have plenty of land that we did not yet manage to use, since we are doing all of it alone. We are trying to be self sufficient as much as we can, and every year it is becoming more and more…
We have one child, so we would be very happy to have more families join us.

So if this sound interesting for you, please reply to this post, send me a PM, or just lets connect…

Have an amazing day you all


Here is a video of our place from a few years ago .

The video is private, so it can’t be viewed.

Would love to see your video! Used to drive cars from Germany to Lebanon / Syria in the 70s, long before the war, when it was all Yugoslavia.

Just looked up the map and I think I missed Bosnia on my trips. If I ever find someone who can run my farm in Arizona, I’d like to make one more trip to Europe to the many areas that were communist back then. Although it would make me so sad to see the Middle East destroyed as it is now, thanks to the Evil Empire.

Good luck to you, Mina. Hope you can find some people to form a community.

I love what you say about your life and your land. But it wouldn’t be possible for me to come since I’m older and living on low Social Security. Plus I won’t get vaccinated, and the World Health Organization currently plans to enforce UNIVERSAL VACCINATION with the Pandemic Treaty that they’re currently trying to get delegates from 194 nations to pass (by a majority). Good luck and blessings to you, Sally

You might know of workaway.info? That might be a good way to find folks.