All new eco-friendly/sustainable/off-grid intentional community in Montana

Hello my eco-friendly guys and gals!

My name is Ivy Beck, and I have been interested in building my own eco-village/intentional community for a long time, and now I am finally ready to do it! Recently I moved to Arizona, and it hasn’t been the best for me. I have experienced many hardships while living here, and it is time for me to move on. Whilst living here I met many new friends, but unfortunately not many with the same mindset as me when it comes to sustainability.

Eventually, I met my best friend Tako. We came up with this grand idea of moving to Montana, buying a large pice of land, and creating our very own homestead. Then I thought “Why not build a whole community?”. I know how hard it can be to find communities that share the same values as you, or even finding one near you, or the area you want to be in.

Now, we are building this community and we need your help! I have many skills when it comes to homesteading, cooking, building, woodworking, first aid, CPR, gardening, etc. We need your skills too! Being part of our community, everyone needs to contribute, it doesn’t have to be in a monetary way, you can contribute your skills. We will be starting from scratch, so if you want to be part of our amazing adventure, let us know!

Adventure awaits!

P.s. If you don’t want to be part of the community, but would like to donate to help us on our adventure, I will be adding a Go Fund Me link.

Much love,

Ivy Beck


I hope things are coming along well so far.

Hello ivy my name is justin and i am new to the montana area. I came out here seeking a community to be a part of. Could u possibly email me with some more details?? thank you!!!

hello, how is everything going with the community?

Everything here is hunky dory. We just need more people with passive incomes and a bit of capital to invest. The farm is not yet profitable enough to support all the penniless people applying who think everything should be free. It costs money, time, and energy to build a farm and all the infrastructure needed to house residents, livestock, and visitors, shelter equipment, community get-togethers, creative spaces, etc. Don’t expect a free ride in exchange for a few hours of labor in the garden or barn. Shared work is easier than doing everything alone, and shared expenses are lower than living alone, but there are still work to be done and expenses to be covered at all stages of development and growth.
That said, there is plenty of room here for 4 more families or 6-8 singles. See our listing for Liberty Tree Farm and Permaculture Community at