Looking to either start an intentional community or participate in one


My name is Raheem and I have recently moved to the state of Maine from New York in the hopes of starting or finding an intentional community for a multitude of reasons. I will be graduating soon with a degree in environmental science and I have worked on several farms. My plan is to work in conservation while also chipping in to help out in creating a self-sufficient community. I am trying to get more into living more sustainably however it is discouraging and very disappointing to me that there are not more people of color who do any of this stuff. I want to be a catalyst to change that. I also have my own ethical reasons for wanting to live off the grid and off the land. I have learned quite a bit on how to do this from the farms I worked at, but I need to learn much more which I feel often comes from trial and error. However, I could really use some help and support. If anyone lives here and would like to join or give advice, I would appreciate it.

Thank you


Brah, im not in Maine but have a property near in Nova Scotia Canada. I also have a spot in atl GA area. I need a property manager and one to assist in traveling to and from atleast these two property. Link me for more details. Been at it and still building. Email me at Funnyfencefarm@gmail.com

If you haven’t already, consider checking out the communities directory on the IC.org website, they should have some communities listed for Maine, I know there’s at least one up your way, but probably more too.

I love your attitude. I feel the same but I am much older. I am ready to put all my efforts into building the new world. There is an excellent ecovillage in Maine run by Ethan Hughes. I am sorry but it was a few years ago that I knew about it and i haven’t kept up but it was going great. He started it up after a very successful one in Missouri. The one in Maine uses only hand tools, no electricity of any kind and they use candles for night light. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea as it’s pretty radical but its ethics are second to none


If you are interested in our community, please feel free to contact us, thanks!

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Consider putting in more time than a “bit”. Communities like businesses need your full attention and energy to make it happen. The earlier you realize this the more fulfilling your life will be.

I am also interested in starting or joining an intentional community. The requirement for me is all members are fully dedicated to making it happen.


Hello. This site has a huge number of resources for starting or joining an intentional community. Here’s a link where you can find others interested to start or join specific types of communities. You can search profiles, create a profile, and communicate for free.

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jlcortes, you might find this page about defining contributions in community to be useful.