Who Else on Here is On Permies?

I recently joined permies because it has an intentional communities section and is very active, plus permiculture, plus homesteading, plus gardening, plus frugality, plus other adjacent topics. I’m really enjoying it, it even has a regional section to find people local to you, at least in The States.

I like having more resources and so I’ve enjoyed getting going on it in addition to this forum. There’s a lot of variety of experiences and opinions over there which I greatly appreciate.

I am, though I rarely visit any more, as I am in no position to practice any type of ag, let alone permaculture. Just popped into here again, with the new year, in hopes of finding a community who would take me in, and away from this awful existence I have been stuck in for the past decade.

I hope that this year is the right year for you to find community, sooner rather than later. You can also post on permies about it in the intentional community section, maybe something will come up either there or on here.

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