Intentional Community


My name is Raheem and I am going to try to be as transparent as I possibly can in this forum and hopefully this resonates with others.
Firstly, I am in the works of starting an intentional community and would greatly appreciate supporters and participants. Firstly, my primary reasoning for starting an intentional community is to establish an area where people can grow and heal both collectively and as individuals. I believe that everything is not only connected, but (one) and that many people these days have a warped idea of what “community” even means. They identify too much with their race, religion, political ideology, gender, or anything else. I would make the argument that we are all more similar than we think and there is no reason for us to label ourselves as such things. Though I also understand many groups have been marginalized, so bigots need not apply at all to avoid that entirely.

Another reason I wanted to start this community is because I do not believe land is meant to be owned privately, but to be shared for the common good. I would like a space where all sorts of people of varying experiences and disciplines are able to grow and eat what they want without having to rely on a grocery store if that is a decision they wish to make.

I would also like this community to be a place where people can detox and develop the discipline to live at a slower pace and learn how to do things that take longer to do for a higher reward. This type of living requires significantly more planning and preparation than living in a city where everything is within arms reach and pre packaged.

Aside from that, I do have a lot of experience in the realm of sustainable living. I have grown all your typical garden vegetables, alliums, mushrooms, bla bla bla and raising animals on several different organic farms in the US and halfway across the world in Australia.

I also enjoy foraging when I can. On my free time, I like to hike, camp, travel, etc. I spend a good amount of my time outside. My background is in environmental science which I will be receiving a degree in this Fall.

My plans are to make the property fully off grid.

Ideally, I would do small cabins with solar panels for electricity and compost heating. I haven’t really thought about it much else aside from that as I’m the type of person who kind of just goes with the flow and sees how things go, but I don’t think it has to be super complicated either as long as it works. Our ancestors lived like this for thousands of years.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out and get involved, you may reach me at (207) 360 9995. Tell me a bit about yourself first.



The things that you said that resinated or stuck out for me was the truth that we’re all more alike than different. Lately we all want to go in corners and shoot pot shots at each other from our corners. I, like you, like mixing and mingling and combining together to create something new and diverse and enjoyable.

Another thing you mentioned that caught my attention is the idea of compost heating, because you make me curious. Compost can indeed get very hot, and yet I’ve never heard of anyone using it for heating so now I’m curious about how to do it and what an interesting thing it would be.

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