Looking for 1 or 2 people to create a small homestead

I’m looking for at least one other person or family to buy 2 or 3 acres of land in upstate NY (about 100-150 miles from NYC). I want to live closer to nature and learn to live with it in a sustainable manner, but I think I’d end up feeling too isolated from other peole if I do that on my own.

I envision two separate homes with large yards for our own personal use and shared ownership of the rest of the land (partnership?); cultivate a fruit orchard, edible berries, coppice, vegetables; some open pasture for a few goats/sheep (not for slaughter), and whatever else we deem appropriate.

My husband and I have have been members of two cohousing groups during the past 14 years, both of which never got to complition. I feel it’s time to make the lifestyle change that I’ve sought for so long!

Let me know if what I said fits your vision of country living.

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Hi, Elvira, since you mention a variable distance from NYC, I assume you haven’t bought your land yet. I have 30 acres in Lee County, VA, the southwest tip sandwiched between TN and KY. I’m a single 76yo man living in a mostly rehabbed trailer centered on 10 acres of gardens and pasture surrounded by 20 acres of forest land. I hope to develop the property as a permaculture community or co-op. I’ve selected a site on the hillside near the barn for my permanent home (underground, passive solar). I currently have one other family of 4 living in their 5th wheel trailer until they can build a house of their own. There are at least five good home sites around the perimeter of the open area, more if someone wants to build a cabin in the woods. Needs a lot of work and some capital for well drilling, fencing, animal shelters, greenhouse(s), pole barn for equipment (I have Kubota tractor and six implements, and the other family has a Skidsteer excavator), etc. I’ve cut one swale so far and have planted the beginnings of a food forest in the down slope berm. Garden has 4 long raised beds so far and room for many more. Climate is temperate with only a few inches of snow during the winter and sufficient rain that I have not had to irrigate the garden or water by hand except right after planting.
So, if you want to get away from feet of snow in NY and join a group of hard-working, liberty-loving permaculturalists, you can email me at farm @ corylayne dot com for more info and pictures.

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Hello Cory - Thank you for giving me a good description of your land in VA. It is very tempting to go live in a less harsh climate, but I have two daughters, one in upstate NY and one here near me in NYC. I’d miss seeing them and their families often, as I do now, but I’ll keep your offer in mind. That’s one reason for not jumping at the opportunity. The other is that I want to be able to own the land and the house (don’t want to be in a co-op).

For now I’ll keep looking upstate, but if I can’t find anything that suits my needs by next spring/summer, I’ll consider looking in places like VA.

Congrats on all the work you have done so far on your land. Best wishes to you!

Hello Elvira, wonder if you would consider Central VT? It’s about 5 hrs to NYC from here and there’s train service. Happy to chat further if you are interested.

Hello Cecile - you might recall that my husband and I already had a zoom meeting with you a few weeks ago. We decided that what you have to offer, overall, does not fulfill enough of our needs to compensate for the big distance from our family.
I wish you the best in finding the right people to share your land with.

Thanks so much for updating me on your situation! I hadn’t heard back from you. Wishing you ease in finding just the right place for yourselves.

hi elvira, do yu have email?