Introduce yourself and meet others

Hello! Please tell us about yourself. You can say anything you like, and here are some things folks often want to know:

  • What should we call you?
  • Where are you living? Do you live in an intentional community now?
  • What are your experiences in community?
  • Special talents
  • Interests
  • Why are you here?

Feel free to tag your community, location (continent, region, other location descriptions), Languages you have written in and/or prefer, and any topics mentioned in your intro.


Hi! :wave:t3: I am joining from Sandhill Farm Community in Rutledge, MO. I have been a part of the IC movement for 10 years, living in 3 intentional communities and visiting many others. I’m so excited about this forum space!


Hello! My name is Teel. I use he/him pronouns.

I live in an IC of about 175 people in Chicago. It’s called Jesus People

I am a songwriter. I love to sing, play basketball, play games of all kind. I love fun. My biggest passion is understanding how humans relate to one another and to themselves, how they grow, how they love, how they have conflict. So community life is a wonder to me because I get to experience all those things on level 11!

I’m here because I also think it would be very healthy and good for me to speak to folks from other communities. I feel a need to commiserate over the challenges of community life, being a leader in community. Also, to get wisdom and ideas that I can apply to my life here! I’m interested in any spaces where that can happen. I’m a bit unsure that a typing/text based forum is the right space for me. Writing feels like work to me… so I’m curious to see how I might experience this!


Hi Y’all! Lauren here. I am living in Portland, OR in a tiny house which I hope to move into a community in my area. I lived in an intentional community for almost 2 years. I had a taste and I want more! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to connecting with others. :hugs:


Heyo! My name is Osa.

I am the IT Director/Co Director at Foundation for Intentional Community and have set up this forum according to the specifications of our lovely discussion forum team - feedback warmly welcome! :smiley: we are trying to make this forum as useful as possible and will tweak it accordingly.

I am an architect originally, turned developer a couple of years ago, and generally have spent most of my professional life working for UN-Habitat. Now I live part time in a small community in the Gothenburg archipelago called Mjörn where I also work with Egnahemsfabriken (we help people build houses together). The rest of my time I live in a small houseboat community in a Gothenburg industrial area.

I am passionate about using technology ethically - especially in the context of supporting communities.

Looking forward to gathering on this forum and learning from you all!


Hi everyone, I’m Cynthia from Headwaters Ecovillage in Vermont. So pumped to have this space to connect with more community!!

I’m a community matchmaker, helping people join intentional communities… so send me your questions about what it’s like to join and live in community… or desires for residents in your community. (shameless self promotion :wink:)

Looking forward to learning with you all.


My name is Adlai (she/her). I live with my wife most of the year in Columbus, Ohio. The other part of the year, I’m either traveling or visiting my partner who lives in Jalisco, MX. For the past almost 5 years, I’ve been putting effort towards bringing people together to create a mixed-income, intentional community for lesbians and their female allies. We are the Ohio Womyns Intentional Living Communities LLC.

My experiences living full-time in community were mostly during early adult hood: a few months on a Kibbutz in Israel & 4 years sharing a big house with 6 roommates during college. Throughout adulthood I was continually a participant and several times a crew member at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which was a temporary village, ranging in population from 3 K- 10K, located on 650 acres of undeveloped western Michigan. This village was created from the ground up every year for 40 years, entirely by women. They worked as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, cooks, sound techs, music producers, vendors, etc. providing workshops, food service, a market place, child care, medical and emotional health supports, camp grounds, shuttles, workshops, entertainment (music, comedy, dance, open-mic) on 3 stages. Within the Festival, there were smaller communities based on common interests. Every year I attended MichFest, I was strengthened by the women who shared that space, learning again and again that I could create just about anything as part of a community.

My special talents include a willingness to work to fill a need; putting action behind my values; speaking up; listening; collaboration; soliciting other people’s points of view and maybe a few others.

My interests include reading, kayaking, traveling, camping, gardening, getting to know people, feminism, creating and appreciating other’s creations, social justice, affordable housing, and building community.

I am here to get to know more people who have built or helped maintain intentional communities; to get support, to learn how to successfully create a new community and to share with others.


What should we call you?
I’m fine with most variations of Ash - Ash, Asher, Ashton.
My pronouns are they/them/theirs, and I’m a trans and nonbinary. c:

Where are you living? Do you live in an intentional community now?
Currently, I’m living in Florida. Not in an intentional community, unfortunately, but I’ve been doing a lot of research over the last year and reaching out to some communities to gather more information on what path would be the right one for me and my housemates.

What are your experiences in community?
Honestly, I feel like I should credit my experiences with radical honesty in the context of my nonmonogamous relationship for a lot of the personal growth and communication improvements I’ve made. I think those kind of things are some of the more important aspects of being in community, especially when there’s a foundation of trust and understanding at the core of the living situation.

Special talents

  • ADHD Hyperfixation
    Was going to put that as a joke, but actually part of why I’ve been able to find and digest a lot of information about cohousing and communities in general is at least somewhat a result of the chemical reactions in my brain that drive me to dive headfirst into researching whatever is catching my interest at any given point in time.

  • Visual Art / Programming
    I feel like these fall under the same umbrella because most of the coding I know is heavily reliant on a visual product that I can see and use to know if I did things correctly or not, lol. I also do analog and digital illustrations, video editing, game design, and pretty much whatever media pops up and catches my attention.

  • Non-Violent Communication / Meta Conversations
    This kind of goes with what I mentioned earlier about my nonmonogamous relationship helping me recognize my own speech patterns and understand that, sometimes, my feelings in a conversation come from somewhere outside of the conversation itself. It’s been really helpful in my interpersonal relationships and therapy, but I’ve also been able to utilize that in my workplace. I’m pretty open to discussing my failings and how I want to improve, when I’ve made a mistake and when I think something needs to change - especially when it comes to concerns about equity and inclusion. Thankfully, I have not been fired, lol, and the people I work with are very receptive and open to those conversations. I feel very fortunate to have that, honestly.


  • Visual Arts
  • Animist Witchcraft
  • Queer Content & Media
  • Anti-Racist Action & Community Support
  • Learning New Skills
  • Wood Cutting & Wood Burning
  • Game Development
  • Surreal & Experimental Art
  • Researching Transitioning from Currency-Based, Profit-Focused Economies to Resource-Based, Community-Focused Economies

Why are you here?
To connect with other people interested in intentional community building and support, find more resources regarding community structures and organization, and learning how to put that knowledge into action when the resources, time, and energy are available to do so.


Greetings… I’m Jonah from Asheville (NC mountains) – and living in fortunity, an ic vision I co-founded (follow!) that’s held space for and with many others over the past 25 years. Somewhat of a “perpetually restarting” community of 10-15, much has been learned along the way, including visits made to some of the older established communities around the country over the years.

I’ve long been fascinated with alternative living models in the U.S., and those seeking to create/recreate what we seem to be losing over time – or maybe have yet to really find and craft more sustainably now. In particular, I’m intrigued with words, relationship / communication patterns, and conflict dynamics / resolution. I have fun problem solving while trying to keep up with the endless infrastructure maintenance.

I’ve been appreciating and doing my small part to support fic’s recent evolutionary growth, so look forward to seeing what the next chapter brings here (this forum, as well as hopefully attracting some long term committed core member-owners here at home). Thanks for all the hard work extended to keep strong and welcome to new curious seekers! Though we may live farther apart, we’re all in this together. :wink:


Hey! I’m from Baltimore County, Maryland. I’d love to meet others in my tri-state area. I’m hoping to join or found my own intentional community with a core value of ecological restoration.


Hello all,
My name is Ralph Parus.
I am a metalsmith and it has been a dream of mine to live in the Blueridge mountains ever since I first attended Penland school of craft in Northwest North Carolina. Now that I am about to retire soon it is time to make that dream come true.
I have always been familiar with communities that share the same values between their members. But after more research on intentional communities, I see the value behind an Intentional Community

I am extremely interested in helping form an intentional community in the mountains of northwest North Carolina. Hopefully near Penland school of craft or a stone’s throw away from there.
Another of my hopes is to find other artists, like myself, that wish to pursue their artistic passion by creating and passing on their artistic knowledge to others.
I am open to an Ecovillage or a tiny home community, or small living like school bus living or living in a camper.
I am also willing to join something similar that already existed close to Penland school of craft


Hi! I’m Crystal and I’m on the board of FIC. I like to visit intentional communities and then suggest changes! I wrote a book about diversity and I consult with communities. In my everyday life I run a self-directed learning center for disabled kids. I live in Gastonia, NC.


Hello! I am Andrew and I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. I have lived in an intentional community in the past and now have children and I am seeking to learn about establishing some form of intentional community in this area. I am excited to begin a few online courses on this site and am very grateful for this resource.


Hi, my name is Geoffrey and I am a digital nomad who loves traveling around the world, meeting many new people, making tons of new friends and learn from different cultures and ways of life.

I travel a lot a using the website WorkAway.

Now I would like to create a new base for myself starting my own community or joining a community that I can align with.

I life an active and healthy lifestyle. My hobbies are judo and chess, but in general I love outdoor activities (hiking, biking, geocaching, swimming, etc.) and (strategic) board games.

I look forward to meeting many new people here! :smiley:


Hi everyone!

I´m Bryan. Icelandic/American, married a Vietnamese woman that is born in Germany. 40 years old, but look and feel 30. Currently we are living in Hamburg but my wife has a doctorate in physics and some other degrees that she has used to become a location independent coach focusing on neurodiversity. But I´m not as flexible since I´m working in a kindergarten and studying for a bachelor’s in global education and then will do my masters in earlier education so I can be a professional kindergarten teacher. Our daughter is 20 months old and she is spoken to in Icelandic/Vietnamese/English and German; and I try to use baby sign language to bridge the gap and encourage others to as well but not really succeeding. We want to be minimalists/essentialists. I´m a climaterian and my wife is vegetarian

We would like to experience different co-housing ideas/locations because we are aware that “we don´t know what we don´t know” so we are willing to come to the table with an open mind and be surprised and challenged.

So if possible we would want to try using my parental leave 4th of March to 3rd of April to try some of the co-housing places out. My wife has only the request that it is close to the see, has a nice private bathroom, and we need an internet connection for her and my uni.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Bryan, Nell, Bessie


Hey Bryan and Family! Welcome to the forum! What is a climatarian?

In the future we hope that a question like yours about cohousing groups to visit would be right here. But for right now, you may have better luck contacting cohousing communities that meet your search on the IC Directory: Communities Directory - Find Intentional Communities


Hey Geoffrey! Welcome to the forum! WorkAway looks amazing – I have never heard of it before!

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Hello all!
I’m so excited to be here and see everyone here together!

My name is Franki (they/them pronouns). I currently live in a shared house in Tacoma, Washington, United States with two folks. The three of us have the intention of starting an intentional community(ies) together. We are currently in the ‘visioning’ process and living together in a ‘micro-community’ as we plot and plan our future transition to larger community living. I am an aspiring small scale farmer, pet parent, hobby musician, and I work professionally as an American Sign Language/English simultaneous interpreter.

I have dreamt a long time about living in intentional community and tried a few times to start small ones, but this new project with my current house is the newest and most robust of those efforts so far. I, along with my two community members, have been a part of the forum development team and we are currently working as community managers for the forum. I am so excited to get engaged with you all!

  • Franki

Thanks for your welcome message, @drbrettschneider !!

Yes, is one of the best websites ever ! People from all over the world open their homes to somebody from a different country or different part of the world to actually become a family member. I do it for cultural exchange and to learn from different ways of life. I only have amazing experiences and I keep in touch with actually all of the hosts I have stayed with, some of them are best friends now.

Nothing so beautiful as to share with people! :smiley: :smiley: I think that is what makes WorkAway and IC quite alike!