Actively seeking an intentional community with my partner

Hi everyone, my name is FC aka FlowerChild. I’ve been living my life in Oklahoma, been married raised a family and now that family is raising their own. My partner Peter and I are hoping to find a shared intentional community, commune off grid that we can relocate to with our campers and buildings.
We are both skilled in several ways.
Him…53 yr old male…skilled welder, construction, animals, horticulture and many more.
Her…50 yr old female…First and foremost I’m a caregiver, I can teach homeschooled children, I am a baker and hope to open my bakery and Hippie store in or outside the community, whichever is best for the community family. I am a cook and a 34 year veteran at raising children with morals, values and equality. My mother always told me I was a FlowerChild in a past life…I see where she got that now…I am.
I create with string and yarn, I bead leather and I create beauty. I am very spiritual and enjoy that peaceful tranquility.

We are both hard working and willing to be active in our new forever homestead. We already have 2 campers…1 we live in the other is a gypsy style show trailer I use for my shows and I attend festivals as a vendor. We also have 2 storage buildings and a chicken coop we can bring. We are hoping to find a community that will accept us and help us transition in one of the states that is on the coast, warm weather mostly…southern states. We are looking for a community that is spiritual but not exactly religious or neither with the freedom to be either. We do not have the ability to buy $200,000.00 homes like I’ve been seeing, we need to find a safe place to build a new life together. We have been together 9 years and things in life has changed, it’s time for us to go. It would only be him and I and we have 3 dogs…an Aussie named moondust, her pup Luna E and our lil boomer he’s a 3 yr old very well trained Chihuahua…all my animals are obedient and Luna is going to be my support animal as I have some health issues caused by the stresses of living that life In society. We want a low key community, we both enjoy living off the land and self sustaining lifestyles. We can both grow veggies and animals for food. We prefer a community that allows the use of cannabis however we also prefer an alcohol and drug free lifestyle. Peter and I had some tragedies and we both agree it would be a safer more joyful life if we could join a family and share our lives with like minded peace loving people. We are a monogamous couple and are not interested in any kind of shared living or shared sexual situations. We would like to set up in a community and become family. If you have any advice or you have a community that sounds like what we need please contact me. I’m so excited to get this journey going, we can depart for permanent residence at anytime and have no problem with trial offers.
Thank you

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