Welcome course participants! Here is how to get started on the forum

Welcome to the forum!

This forum gathers those interested in building intentional culture and communities. It is a place where we all can learn from each other.

The forum is set up in two sections:

  • The general discussions: these are open discussions where anyone can join. Find them here.
  • The course discussions: these are discussions specific to a particular course. Some of these are open, but most discussions you have to get invited to as they are intended for only the participants of your course. You will find these here.

Now lets get started!

First step - setting up your profile

  1. Add a picture of you and your name here
  2. Fill out any additional info about you that you want to share in your profile
  3. Introduce yourself - This thread is where all new users to the forum says hi.

Second step - entering the forum for your course

  1. Go to the Courses category. Here you’ll see a list of the different courses. (TIP: If you can’t access your course, then go to the Groups page and request access to the group for your cohort.)
  2. Click on your course in the above list, and jump into the discussion!

General guidelines

Questions and feedback?

  • Do you have suggestions on how to improve the forum? Here is how you give feedback.
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I’m a little confused on posting a course-specific topic. Should I be using forum.ic or learn.ic? Seems like there’s only a couple of stray posts in learn.ic, and more activity in forum.ic. Is learn.ic redundant? Thanks.



Hello @shiningbillmatte Thanks for sharing and sorry for the confusion. We are indeed moving course conversations - including the Becoming a Communitarian - which you and I are in to the forum.ic space.

The link to that group is the one you shared in your message: https://forum.ic.org/c/courses/becoming-a-communitarian/18. I see you are already a member of it. Good. Come join us there!


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