"Where do we go from here?"

We recently received an email from FIC Community Chat. Its title was “Where do we from here.” Its first paragraph was, “Let’s work backwards. Humanity is already experiencing the impacts of climate chaos and, in the not-so-distant future, may well face economic collapse, food system failures, millions of environmental refugees, climatic catastrophes and more.”

I appreciate that there are folks who consider the above as “fact”. But there are many other people who consider such ideas as little more than political postering. With an end goal of possibly greater power and influence for those who push such politics.

The Intentional community movement is filled with folks of all leanings, beliefs, opinions and such. It seems very inappropriate for the officials of IC to make such one-sided opinionated statements. If you or anybody wants to have or sponsor a discussion about any subject, that is fine. But to officially declare a position, that is widely debated, as fact is possibly one reason why the IC movement, and the IC Forum in particular, are doing somewhat poorly these days.

More discussion and less politics might be most appropriate.

Jim Fry
Stone Garden Farm & Village.

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