Where do we go from here? An open letter to the Intentional Communities Movement

I believe the Intentional Communities movement, like the world, is at a crossroads. I wrote this piece to help us consider its direction.


Dear Sky,
Thanks for writing that. I resonated with coming up with new, shared sense-making (especially about theories of change), and with wanting ICs to be more impactful in addressing our civilizational problems. I have strategic ideas based on my understanding of and research in multi-level selection and emergence theory (primarily biology, but also applicable to sociology, and economics), and my study and experience with ICs. I would love to talk with you. Please contact me at clejan.iuval@gmail.com and we can see where it goes.

Perhaps you have scores of people who want to engage with you on these topics and you are trying to be selective due to time constraints? Otherwise, I don’t understand why you would totally ignore my response.

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