Links & Resources from Rethinking the Future of ICs webinar

Here are some of the resources shared during our Rethinking the Future of Intentional Communities webinar on June 14th. Please feel free to share your links and any additional resources here to keep the conversation going!

Sky Blue’s article Where do we go from here: Where do we go from here — In Community

Sky Blue’s article Intentional Communities and Capitalism: Intentional Communities and Capitalism — In Community

Crystal Byrd Farmer website:

Communities Conference: You are invited to the first Convergence of ICs – Twin Oaks Communities Conference

Community Gathering Calendar: 2024 Calendar for Intentional Community Gatherings

Tom Stanton: open-source research project about sustainability and energy use in communities.

Nissa Coit: ICs and the intersection of the ongoing collapse of industrial civilization

Jonathan Betz-Zall Article for Communities in 1998 on how IC’s can influence the world:

Nissa Coit Signal Group chat with an aligned community Signal Group

Roger BalsonCultivating relationships and learning how to trust, care and share.

Nissa Coit: Weekly live, community discussion sessions!

Jan: One good example of breaking insularity are examples like Absalon in Copenhagen Folkehuset Absalon

Patrick: Here is another valuable resource for looking at the future and evolving strategies.

Tom Stanton: More and more big project developers are intent upon building new ecovillages that are developer-led, which is a different model. Check this project in Ann Arbor, Michigan: Sustainable Living — Veridian at County Farm

Jonathan Betz-Zall: There was a massive movement-building effort throughout the 1970s and 80s with the Movement for a New Society. I recommend the book “Oppose and Propose” for insights into what worked and what didn’t.

Sarah Liljegren: Community weekly dialogues circles like circling, which is a cultural rebuilding practice.

Raines: National Cohousing Conference in Denver in early August… most of the key topics are of interest to many different types of communities.

Reuben: Free 9-week course on societal collapse.

Brian> relevant climate change org: