What do you envision for the future of the FIC and the communities movement?

The Foundation for Intentional Community wants to co-create our future with you – both the future of FIC and the communities movement as a whole. In these transformative times, we are committed and inspired to support a growing community of change-makers striving to live in harmony with each other and the Earth!

What do you envision for the future of the FIC and the communities movement?

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Being kinder along with creating more compassionate care in our interactions are among the best-kept secrets for revealing new collective solutions needed for these chaotic changing times. Life-changing positive movements (like cohos) are growing in the midst of the escalating chaos the planet is going through. People are progressively waking up and recognizing that we can change.

As communities based on trust and collaboration we can change things for the better. That means we can open our hearts and strive to reduce and eliminate separation and bitterness due to biases and differences. At the core of our heart, most of us desire this even if we are not in contact with the feeling at times.

Cohos are a grand foundation for co-creating the better world and thriving for all species our hearts know is possible.


Welcome to the Forum @buddhadude and thank you so much for sharing! We can all benefit from being kinder to each other through our interactions, both in person and online <3

@buddhadude Are there ways FIC could demonstrate or support this effort that we aren’t already doing? We’d love to hear more about what’s missing and what’s working well. Thank you for contributing to the conversation!

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More anti-racism, and in general decolonized structure. Marginalized people exist everywhere. Let’s include them in our work by calling them in before we have to call someone else out.


First read my intro.
To stay focused on your questions… I liked the program that https://www.ecovillagetours.com/ put together.

Economics…It takes a certain income commitment but those on the lower income scale will be excluded.

The future of community can be imagined by considering any impending crisis like economic collapse…Global warming is a sign for those with eyes to see…

The screening process…and response time from communities…thinking about this…If People are working most employers limit vacation time which limits the number of communities one could visit…

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@Red_Sun Thank you so much for responding. Ecovillage tours are near and dear to our heart - what specifically do you like about those programs? Absolutely – economics, membership, and community tours are all great topics. Thanks for the feedback.

Would you be interested in participating in a quick survey to help us gather some data for our programs next year? I think your insight would be especially helpful.

We would really appreciate it! 2023 Programs Survey - Foundation for Intentional Community