Rethinking the Future of Intentional Communities

Given the increasingly dramatic impacts of climate change, economic collapse, and social inequality, intentional communities are set to become models for how humans can live high-quality and low-impact lives together. The world will be looking at us! This scenario raises two questions for us, both as individuals and as communities:

  • Who will we need to be then? And
  • How will we get from here to there?

Say it outloud!
What will you eat today? Who grew and harvested it?
(Giant corps and refugees?)
Sitting indoors w a screen is the climate problem. The first world over.
Gardens are The Oasis. Takes hands and time.
I post here. Zero response , uh, you too
Now you can pay online to talky talky read all about it.
This is not a 2 Dimensional problem.
Everyone can help a gardener near them. 3D
No time to buy land and start a farm.
Make friends at the Farmers Mkt !
Best to you
Ic directory- Extinction Rebellion

Everyone is welcome to contribute to this open-source catalog of proven, smart solutions from ecovillages and other intentional communities.

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I look forward to the discussion on June 14!

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