Is there more than one place than here for all of us to communicate through.?

I’ve been wanting to chat with everyone, but it’s rather almost dead.

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Hey @Nodnarb , I’m not sure I’m understanding your question! Could you rephrase? My guess is that you’re wondering why there isn’t very much content or activity on the forum – is that right?

This forum is brand new, so the level of activity and conversation is likely to grow over the coming weeks/months, and we’re excited to have you contributing to that growth. Are there particular kinds of conversation you’re not seeing that you want to be having with others interested in intentional community?

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I’m just curious where everyone’s at. How fresh is the forum?

The forum opened to the public one week ago!

Whaaaa!!! Wow, I’m surprised, yet it’s about time one was started.


Below is the link for the post requesting other platforms others chat on to connect &/or start a FIC chat. Just as it’s quiet here, it’s likely there’ll be times/days such platforms will be just as quiet; not negating adding platforms to our network. Also, in the case you didn’t know, DiscourseHub has an app — not too much different than the web browser version.


This just opened very reccently. I am very happy to see a forum instead of something through Facebook or Reddit. I look forward to meeting more folks through here!

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@Nodnarb, I’ve added this post to the “Discussion” category and tagged it with “resources”

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But this is not’s first discussion board, right? I seem to remember there being prior forums years ago. Or maybe I’m just remembering sub blogs which functioned almost as discussions.

I’ve been following for several years and wanting a discussion forum. Hopefully it’ll grow and in time be more active. To make that happen depends partly on us coming up with interesting topics to start discussions on.

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