U.I.O. radical collectivist community project center in Detroit seeking members / organizers / volunteers

The Universal Intentional Organization 501 c-3 is a residential intentional living project center who has finally just received grant funding . We have a few openings for residency / membership and accommodations for travelers and volunteers . We usually will not approve applications until we have consent from current and meets our requirement and fits our needs to balance out this radical collectivist performing arts center , we are attempting to open up our warehouse as a habitat for humanity / recycling arts center and our bakery co-op coffee shop / bookstore . DIY printshop and community radio station also getting on the verge of operations . Need some crew members for our worker co-op , we have a school bus conversion going on , raised bed gardens plenty of roles to fill / paid positions for hours of operation . Contact: universebuilding.uio@gmail.com

We are grassroots since 2015 volunteer powered without funding started from a squatter artist village and our community drum circle every Wednesday 8 pm to 2 am.

Our group pages on Facebook is best way to connect with us . Universal Intentional Organization
Page(s)The Universe Building - UIO
UIO radio 91.5 Fm
Intentional House (closed but relocating)
U.I.O. worker co-op kitchen & coffee shop

Website : www.univercitopia-UIO.org