Intentional Community in the Twin Cities MN seeking founding members

My family is working on starting an intentional community for people of all ages, especially families with children. Our long-term goal is to build an an apartment building that focuses on community spaces (community kitchen, dining room, living room, children’s playroom, etc). Due to the cost and time it will take to make that dream happen, we are considering buying a four-plex or small apartment building to live in together while working on our long-term goals.

Our vision: We are an intergenerational community, raising families together: committed to connection with each other, environmental sustainability, and living in harmonious relationship with the land. We share governance and work by consensus decision-making. We are queer-affirming, gender-inclusive, multicultural, and multigenerational individuals, couples, and families. We value the spectrums of the human experience and each individual’s diverse abilities. We strive to live out of a place of abundance, working to dismantle the systems of racism and oppression in our society.

Please reach out to me if you are interested in being one of our founding members. We have made a lot of progress and have a significant amount of start-up funds but we are at the point where we could really use at least one more person or family to help get this off the ground. We are especially looking people who are skilled with networking and financing.

Here’s the link to the online info session we have coming up. We’ll also be having an in person potluck coming up too. Twin Cities Family Co-op Info Session