Is there local/regional intentional community forming meetup groups/events?

I know there’s online/forums on FIC (like Forming Communities.), and I know of Twin Oaks’ Communities Conference on Labor Day weekend, but anybody know of any local/regional in-person / meetup groups/events to form ICs?

We live in N. Ohio, between Akron & Cleveland. If people would like to organize a get together potluck, we’d be happy to host.

Stone Garden Farm

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Here in the Pacific Northwest where I live, there is a twice-yearly gathering of the NICA (Northwest Intentional Communities Association). Next time it happens not very far from me I want to attend, I live in OR.

Maybe try googling whether there is a Midwest Intentional Communities Association, or something like that, as we have the Northwest one in my knick of the woods, sorry if Ohio isn’t the Midwest, it may be too far east for that? I do know that the FIC sometimes has zoom meetups for people interested in community to meet and network, maybe someone from your area will zoom in and you can connect?

Also the Cohousing Asociation of the US has monthly The Commons zoom meetups to talk about cohousing which is a type of intentional community.