Want to start a community in the Midwestern USA (WI, etc.)

Looking to start a community in the north Midwestern USA.

Seeking members / community and temporary housing could be used at first (tents, cars) until structures are made/purchased (large custom-made sheds could be purchased, so each person would have a structure to live in and expand over time, at their convenience, and keep cost low, and less carbon footprint)

Organic gardening, and sustainability, shared meals perhaps and creating art/music, are some ideas.

Teens and young adults would be a great addition to the community, so that others can have peers, as the community grows. A range of ages is good for a community.

The mindset, is likely a joy in everyday things, from planting to making structures and such. In a way, this lifestyle is like a “moving prayer” so that this mindfulness becomes the purpose for living in the country, away from the distraction of cities, which many of us have lived in or grown up in.

Since trust is so important in a community, and trust engenders a kindness toward others, like-minded people would be best for harmony. Discussions, and openness, rather than taking things personally, make for a ease for everyone, when working out details, in the community.

Anyone interested? Need not be limited to Midwestern states, but perhaps away from the coasts.

Mid-Michigan resident here. I’m living on disability, but I imagine that there exist other disabled souls out there who’d like to throw their hat in with the IC movement. I have one bill to clear and then I can earnestly start looking to either join or collaborate to create and IC community.

My vision is a kind of Solar-Punk community with an interest in beautiful, well-ordered spaces, that is., AD on a budget. And post-COVID I’d hope to discover people who care about everyday disease prevention, handwashing, cross contamination prevention, etc. And compost toilets have to be in our future too.

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All around Oshkosh there are potential sites.