In Search of Community

I am a single, queer, white afab person who is looking to become part of an intentional community. I am interested in permaculture, habitat restoration for wildlife, growing and preserving our own food, renewable energy etc. I am a leftist and believe food/housing/healthcare etc should be a human right, so I’d love to contribute to creating frameworks to provide these things for our communities. I am also specifically interested in disability justice, and creating frameworks that include disabled people. I find that many intentional communities have a bias toward able-bodied people due to the amount of physical labor involved. I’d like to imagine something more inclusive.

I am currently located in Dallas, TX. I have 3 dogs, no partner or kids. I work a remote job so I can move anywhere in the US. Just trying to decide on where (also my current lease is not up until March 2024). Ideally i’d like my own space (such as a tiny house or prefab house) on shared land/shared meals/communal hang out spaces, so I can have space when I need it and so that no one else has to deal with all the shedding from my dogs. (well, it’s only one dog who sheds really noticebly).

I have formally studied nutrition in my undergrad, so I do have a lot of knowledge to bring to the table! I’m a good cook as well. I have raised chickens, ducks, and quail in my backyard. I also have experience building a rainwater catchment system from salvaged materials. Feel free to message me if it sounds like our values align. I’d love to talk further!



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Hey there, I’m Ivy! I am in the process of building my own community and I am currently looking for new members. We are still in the planning stages of our development, but we would love for you to come join us! There is more information posted on my page if you would like to check it out.

Hi, my family is looking for founding members for a community in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We’re planning on living together in an apartment building that has lots of common space but also separate apartments. We’re a queer and gender-expansive, multi-generational family.

Our Vision: We are an intergenerational community, raising families together: committed to connection with each other, environmental sustainability, and living in harmonious relationship with the land. We share governance and work by consensus decision-making. We are queer-affirming, gender-inclusive, multicultural, and multigenerational individuals, couples, and families. We value the spectrums of the human experience and each individual’s diverse abilities. We strive to live out of a place of abundance, working to dismantle the systems of racism and oppression in our society.

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Sounds you would love to be in an agrihood, on the edge of woods and nature, with a community that loves to cook and eat together, and where there is a perfect co-working space with meeting room, sound proof zoom room, and gorgeous view to look at as you work just a few steps from your home. That’s us! The only thing is you would have to be more adventurous with your remote job and leave the US for Greece! Check out our website:

Really interested in the comunity your starting! Could you send me more info?

Our community name for now is Twin Cities Family Cohousing Community. You can find more here. You should be able to contact me through that link and I’d be happy to set up a time to talk more if you want.