Two LGBTQ folk interested in living in community, Prefer Midwest near a city for resources

We and our two cats looking for an established intentional community. Our cats are very friendly, Spayed or Neutered, fully vaccinated as are we, indoor, and well-behaved.
We’re both trained RN’s One with ER/ICU 40 years experience, and my name is Fox. Sue has 30 years of OB experience, including having done home births. We have been together for 29 years in an open relationship.

Fox is interested in non-fiction/academic online research, Animal Rights (PETA member), Womyn’s Rights including Pro-Choice, Social Justice, Leftist Politics, and am a Vegetarian approaching Vegan as a goal, and a natural organizer of activities with a reclusive touch.
Partner, Sue, is an avid reader of primarily fiction, enjoys online games, and is an excellent cook. She is a gregarious person and a natural leader.

She enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, and other multiplayer board games. Enjoys photography. She is an animal lover who gets along with wild animals as well as pets. Has a gift of being able to calm animals who feel threatened. We are both animal rescuers. She is omnivorous. Neither of us use alcohol or opiates, Sue smokes cigarettes outdoors, and Fox uses an e-cigarette intermittently.
We are financially sound, somewhat poor but responsible, receiving Federal SSDI, Medicare and Sue receives SSI with Medicaid and able to finance our healthcare.

Both seek an established intentional community and are interested in participation at all levels. Fox is interested in exploring SCA. We are older (Fox 64, Sue 59) but able to share in activities. Looking for a secular or secular/Jewish or Wiccan and Jewish emotionally supportive community.
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