Looking for land, caretaking opps, community to join

Hey, I’m Choya. My family (four adults, me and my wife viridian, our chosen fam Esther and James) is looking for land to caretake or lease, or a community to possibly join.

Right now V and I live in Portland, and Esther and James live in Chicago. We are looking for opportunities in VT, ME, upstate NY, possibly WA, OR, CA, or other places where rights for trans and queer people are still protected (a rapidly dwindling supply of locations).
We have lived together in the past, and currently live in community with others in our urban settings. We are looking to make a shift to a land-based life, tending the earth and plants and trees, caring for animals, being in relationship to land, place and wildness.
We are a combination of: queer, trans, Jewish, leftist, artists, makers, organizers, visionaries. We have skills in gardening, food processing and preservation, foraging, tree care, animal care, light building and maintenance, and much more.

I’m posting to share our interests and intentions in the hopes of connecting with others who may have leads for us or want to potentially collaborate!

I have met your wife, she is great, and I hope the four of you can find a place to live and connect with the land.