Two Cabins Open in Northern California Forested "Village"

Ingenium is a small, innovative residential village where kindred spirits share their talents and passions, and inspire each other to cultivate their healthiest, most creative selves. We are on 48 acres, two miles from Nevada City, California.

To showcase our TWO cabin openings, we will be giving IN-PERSON TOURS approximately once each month until they are filled. Please see the virtual “Self-Guided Tour” page on our website for more details.

In each cabin there’s a kitchen with hickory cabinets and granite counter tops; bathroom with claw-foot tub, artisan vessel sink and hand-crafted vanity; a bedroom plus an extra full-sized loft; an open living room area with a propane “wood stove” type heater, a skylight and a stained glass window.

Along with your own cabin, you’ll also have access to the Common House, Art Barn, Spa, Massage Room, Organic Garden, Forest Trails and Swimming Pond.

Rent is $1,285 per month for the “Wolf Creek Cabin” and $1,481 for the “Oak Tree Cabin” (includes $100 for our Community Fund) plus both common utilities which come to an average of approximately $250 per month and personal utilities (propane, phone service). Also, >>each resident contributes 10 hours of service per month<<.

IMPORTANT: Please do read through our website before signing up for the tour. You’ll get a good idea if Ingenium is for you by reading the “More About Our Vision”, “More About Membership”, “More About Decision Making” and “FAQ” pages. The application/integration process does take several months.

BONUS: Fill out the “Preliminary Application” on the virtual “Self-Guided Tour” page on our website for V.I.P. status :slight_smile:
We’ll be looking forward to seeing you!
~ Jaspen and the Ingeneers

Hey! I’d love to learn more about this opening and what else is happening at the property! Let’s connect! My email is

There are so many great-sounding intentional communities in northern CA, I wish we had more up here that weren’t right in Portland, but nearby. I’m also loving that I’m seeing a lot of posts today that pertain to artistic/creative-centric communities.