Vegan community forming seeks core founding joint owners

Looking to start a vegan, plant-based diet, no pets, no drugs community in USA. Looking for like minded people to join together to buy acres of land and create a community with private tiny homes and shared common spaces as well. Anyone else interested?

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Yes. Of course we are interested. We at the Eden Project do have a rare in person meeting with T coming up on May 27th, in Glen Ellen, in Sonoma County, in Northern California.

We Meet on Saturday, at 11am, in the Morning. We meet right out in front of the Jack London Lodge on Arnold Drive. And you are all welcome to join us.

This would be a good time to share what you are all doing, or what you would like to be working on, and what good ideas you all may have to share, and maybe we can Synergize.

We want to know what you would all like to do in Eden.

We do have some 4 Acres of beautifully rich and green Land to begin with near Sonoma, which is going to jumpstart our EcoLogical Land Restoration Network.

The Land is well positioned, is completely off the grid, and out of sight, where a few of us could begin to Re-Indigenize. The Land is Free of Money Issues.

It is all paid off. And it will be transferred to interested members. But it only works through Contribution. What do the other people think they may have to Contribute? How do they see themselves fitting in to the Tribe.

Should we turn this piece of land into an EcoSystem Restoration Camp? Should some parts of it be set aside to be a Nature Preserve? And what should we build on the rest of it? - T

Hi vegan hippie. That’s a very broad description of what you want, and I’m sure there are thousands of communities and even more people that would meet your criteria. I think it is good to ask what makes you and your initiative unique?
I, for example, to the extent that I am actively looking for people (and I am having second thoughts about it), wish to create a spiritual adult playground, where the joys of lovemaking does not have to defy against my basis of morality.
but enough about me; it’s your time to shine!

I’m interested! I have talked to a few vegan friends here in the Midwest that may also want to start a vegan community. We are in the Chicago area. Where abouts are you located?