Doubled rent - time to find my tribe

Hi! I just joined IC .
My name is Saul.
I’m a very spiritual and open hearted human being.
I plan to remain human even in this quickly morphing to cyborg reality.
I’m needing to relocate as the system comes to its knees.
Please let me know where I can find my people.
I can do many things to help my community.
I’m really nervous about the future.
I live in albuquerque New Mexico and it’s turned in a living apocalypse.
The greed beast system I cannot function in any longer.
Please help.
Much love!

That is my son Zev.


A like mind responding may I ask you to reach out at privately.

Hi I am Erik, and I started Tranqvillium, Sustainable Living Education and Research Community in the California Mojave six years ago, and I am still working on developing it into a viable off-grid, sustainable living place for those who want to live that lifestyle.
The main focus of the community is Sustainable living, and within that mostly Natural building and Permaculture. The community has no entry fee and the at the end of the 12 months “Social Experiment” period the land and all assets on the land will go into the non-profit organization that will be controlled by the residents, as members of the board.
You can read about this project here: []
If you are interested please read the website and don’t hold back on the questions if you have any. Thank you and good luck!