Immediate Opening in SW Wyoming Start-up Community

Immediate Opening (urgent need) for the right (one) person ASAP.
We are located in SW Wyoming. Check directory listing for The Hivern.

Totally off grid / Extremely rural / low population / low tech / traditional animal husbandry / organic & permaculture farming & gardening / Christian / deep red area
ROUGH LIVING (odds are this is the polar opposite values & principles wise of most other intentional communities listed on

I have not been active on the forum here, so please excuse any breach of etiquette. I don’t want to post too much information unsolicited, and I’m hoping to explain further details via thread discussion.
Furthermore, we value privacy, so if you think you are already interested with what information I have provided so far you can contact me directly via email @

It is winter here right now so please consider that before expressing your interest. If you have no experience with Rocky Mountain winters or have any issues with cold/other inclement weather this is not for you.

Another location to consider posting is on the intentional communities forum on, a website full of permaculture forums.


Thanks for the tip. I’m not seeing a forum specifically for intentional communities on that site.

So there are the forums. Then there’s the community section. In the community section there’s a sub forum specifically for intentional communities, plus one for ecovillages, which for many intents and purposes are basically the same at this point.

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