Who is looking to start an Intentional Community in Northern CA?

Just looking to see who’s out there doing what. my wife and I (and little baby) are on the prowl for co-creation (or joining)

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Hi @apkalow, I updated the tags on your post to use: founder, seeking-community, and seeking-members! These seemed like the best fit for your content, and feel free to use them on future posts.

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thank you Elsbeth! will follow

Hi @apkalow, I’m actively looking for people to start a community with, either in North Cali, or potentially further north, but the primary group I’m talking with right now is all based roughly in the extended Bay Area right now.

Here’s what I’ve been putting out about what I’m looking for. Creating a New Intentional Community – In community

If this resonates with you I’d love to chat further.


This is making me think of an article in GQ from last fall that EVERYONE I KNOW sent to me:

I am really curious to discuss this with other community folks in general, but a key thing that stood out to me is:

When members trickle out of a commune but retain their stake in the property, ownership can become a tricky issue. Often co-owners will refuse to sell their share because of ideological reasons—many members of Northern California’s communes acquired land to liberate it from logging and developers. This is why large, expensive swaths of land sometimes remain uninhabited even after all members of a commune have long since decamped.

It seems like there is a good possibility here to work on identifying these unoccupied swaths of land and create new communities there to steward the visions of those who tried before. This may be easier than seeking wholly new land.


Just noting, my wife, 1 year old and I are looking.

thanks will take a look

Eco Village Intentional Community in Northern CA

Hi Apkalow–

I’m the developer of the www.RogueRiverEcoVillage.com in Southern Oregon. I’m looking to develop a much smaller eco-village version in northern CA. I’m particularly attracted to Nevada County as the land/water/zoning/topography assets are very conducive and with good Nevada County Planning Department openness to eco-village and tiny home village developments with good development planning.

I’m looking for people who are interested and perhaps there are those with organizational skill-sets, project management, entrepreneurial experience. And of course it’s always great to meet up with others who have additional skill-sets-- permaculture design, architecture, general contractors/subcontractors, farmers/gardeners, community planners, hemp farmers, landscape architecture. Part of green building integration is following the permaculture tenants of buying locally, building locally and hiring locally.

Ideally, it would be great to have a diverse range of housing with owners/renters/employment housing/internships and even some eco-cabins for visitors. The development could include a small mixed fruit & nut orchard; gardens/green house; Structured water system; solar energy system; a few farm animals. Such a green development could be completely self-sustainable for food, water and power.

A good strategy to raise development funds is to have a business plan where an organic hemp farm serves as a lucrative/profitable farming business with an eco-village integrated-- this enables a good strategy with Nevada County planning where water rights, subdivision rights/mineral rights can be properly executed and secured in the development. The hemp farm could also provide a lot of green jobs to residents and much more.

It’s important to have a good development plan and team and structure it properly without disorganization and have a well integrated, strategic partner/vendor team. It’s important for Nevada County to see a well-structured eco-village and not another commune that ends up with no completion funds.

Nevada County is so beautiful and Nevada City and Grass Valley are wonderful green savvy communities with good logistical supports.

I’m looking to create a team of enthusiastic volunteers and more and start a simple website to fully brand the Northern CA eco-village development. I’m always looking for great land sites next to a creek/river and talented, creative people who are innovative problem solvers who think outside the box.

I’m also looking for land owners in northern CA who own 150 or more acres with good water rights who want to be part of a green eco-village development.

Now is the time to create a new paradigm of self-sustainable ecovillage community that serves as a model for future replication where water, food, power are provided at cost to the residents; where good paying green jobs are integrated into the eco-village community; where individual empowerment, family empowerment and community empowerment are all exponentially integrated effortlessly.

RogueRiverEcoVillage dot com
(818) 309-8725

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Eden Village is still in the planning stages. But the Land has already been Chosen. It is over 2,000 acres for 500-700 People in Northern California. 35 miles from the Coast. Nuclear Safe Zone. Natural Untreated Mountain Water.

What we care about is Food and Energy Self-Sustainability, eating fresh locally grown foods and Living Close to the Earth in Passive Solar Homes within a Clean Natural Environment, and raising Healthy and Happy Children within a Natural Learning and Healing Environment. Native Lands Restoration.

We have an email group you can join on the link below. And that is how we all stay informed.

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My group is looking north too, in WA or OR

Rodger, would love to connect… same with you t-bone I am looking for communities … especially looking for young families. aaronPkahlow3@gmail.com to connect :slight_smile:

Hello my name is Karina Anderson of Coalition for True World Change. Maybe we can share some ideals?

Im trying to land on campable land n work gardens or builds or security etc gotta get out of the midwest before its cold again.