Seeking tropical beings wanting to live outside the US - the first steps to forming a conscious tribe

I have a post already on this forum and it still holds true, however, I wanted to post an updated version as in this life we are forever growing, learning and adapting.

I work with plant medicines often and the journeys keep eluding to exiting the US. Especially after covaids, things took a turn. I’m not political or dogmatic so I won’t go into details about the current state of affairs - as laughable as it all appears - for I have discovered that every soul is on their own journey in this cosmic highway we label as life. Meaning I see from my perspective one thing, still another seeing from their perspective. Both are valid. Every one is entitled to their opinions and beliefs , with no judgment (tho at times this is arduous; we all are learning!). I digress.

Since my last post several major things have occurred in my life. I bought a house, passed the Master Electrical Exam and started an electrical business. I bought the house to start working on gardening, to add on tho the house for a better resale value, and use as a savings account for when the homestead opportunity presents itself. I took the Masters exam and started the business because I was tried of making money for other people. Now a better source of income to save for the homestead!

I have been doing a lot of research about buying in other countries and think Belize may be where I am called (however, I am open to other places within the tropics).

Within 2 years, I will be looking to buy property. I want to buy a few beach lots and build a few houses so that I/we can rent them out for income. I will also buy a large portion of land to build a farm/homestead collective and retreat center. This is the goal.

I am looking for people to become the founders with me. Meeting the right people is the most difficult part. Trying to get everyone on the same page and all that. Which is why I believe setting a goal of 2 years will help with that. If there is any interest and we feel like yes we want to do this together, we could all meet in a neutral location to discuss the future and make plans. Just an idea.

A few things that I want to bring to the community are sacred plant medicines and tantra retreats, organic gardening, becoming self sufficient, raising each others vibrations, alternate forms of energy, sound healing, yoga, qi gong, meditations, Awareness, alternate forms of medications, chant down babylon, unlocking the occult and alchemy Gnosticism, mystery schools, living in the Light of Love Consciousness, balancing the wounded masculine and divine feminine, etc etc

If you are interested in talking, my email is open!