The start of an off grid community and possibly a nation

Greetings Reader,
My intent with this message is to reach out to people, currently and/or prospectively looking for a community to join. I am currently looking to build a self sustaining community not too far from towns or civilization"", as to make it possible to interact economically until possibly forming a new country. The communities being built do not need be dissolved and can serve as a type of embassy. The system will be a Democracy/ Republic with the founder standing as a symbolic monarch. The formation of a core group is necessary for planning and voting purposes. This possible new nation will have multiple branches for checks and balances, as will as multiple geographic location. Our nation will serve as silent stewards of the earth, while watching our carbon footprint we will be trying to recycle and reuse all that has been discarded into the ocean and the vaccinates of the municipalities of the cities and towns where we conduct business ( farmers markets, flea markets, crafted goods sale, recycling facilities). Applying our collections and individual skills towards research and development we will attempt to further our reach to unclaimed lands making a nation with territories or a scattered nation with multiple geographic locations (must be brought to a vote). If your looking for a community to join or the next quest in your adventure to heal the earth. I know a monarch that would be willing to knight you, as a knight of our new republic the possibilities are endless.

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It is a discussion so that all may add comments and questions, but all serious inquiry must be sent to my inbox. I will not make it a true community until I have the core group.

Right now the locations being looked at is near Port Charlot, FL
and northern and most parts of the east cost. we are also looking over seas and accept people from all walks of life and religion who can respect others the same way they want to be respected.
community leaders and founders may hold political positions and power in this nation and we are also willing to accept communities into the alliance as members of the nation if they wish to do so. Making them part of the network and capable of trade. While over seas endeavors may be a little more difficult as we may even take in refugees and the persecuted.

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I appreciate the goal to create a unified people that functions equitably. One thing I want you to be aware of though - is the amount of ego I read from this post. This may put off others and may prevent the progress you seek.

The formality combined with the conglomerate mindset and nonspecific member requirements/attributes will read to many as a cult. Iā€™m not saying you are trying to form one - but understand you will have difficulty bringing in independence-minded people with this brand.


Agreed, sounds a bit too much like communism when reading between the lines, no thanks.