Expat with skills and life experience seeking tribe

Hello! Just took the FIC quiz and these are my thoughts. It’s always been me: about belonging. It’s been many years that I’ve had the predominant thought growing in my heart and mind to live in safety and harmony with the land, it’s animals and other expanding humans. Raised in a beach community with desert and city available but not a mutually inclusive life of balance. Caught up in a juxtaposition of spiritual, mental, physical meat grinder to a psychic dream fulfillment. The illusion of living in an unreachable dream turned me sour. But still after 3 decades+ deep diving into the inner worlds of me, I’m emerged with the dream like an indelible imprint on my soul. To claim a safe and sound life of.“luxury” in my heartmind looks like, well- truth informed, socially, emotionally and intellectually balanced beings living in egalitarian bliss. This is my Ho’Oponopono; my personal responsibility. I can have it but it can’t work in a vacuum. Interdependance is what it all boils down to. Everything around me subtly and (sometimes not so) reaches out to me as I curiously seek to know its true nature. Again safety seeking is often seen as controlling, dominating, and limiting. I trust myself as I work with my own psyche and fields around and within me to “know” who or what is good and right for me in the true spirit of self love and compassionate care.
It is in this spirit that I am attracted to intentional community. I know I can live anywhere because of my choices thus far. Today more than ever I’m about being in the world and doing my part to contribute in it’s positive transformation, or evolution. Plaes reach out if you vibe in any way to this. Blessings! :melting_face: :japan:


I just read your post and several things that you mentioned really resonate with me. I am part of a new community, Shambhala, that is forming in Eidson, Tn. Would you be open to a phone call so we can learn more about each other and our community?

Hey Lauri how are you? I’m glad you noticed my intro. It was intended to be as straight forward as I know how. And yes we can definitely share on a zoom or even just video call provided our technology is a match. I’m around in the evenings for the most part so let me know if you can do that. Hope to talk soon!

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Hi Yolanda,
So happy to be connected with you and for you to explore Shambhala as a community option. Here are our guidelines for you to look over and discuss further on a call or Zoom if you feel it’s a good fit.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Have a beautiful weekend.
Lauri Aigner

(Attachment Shambhala Guidelines Final 2023.docx is missing)

Hello Yolanda,
So happy to be connected.
I tried to reply with a copy of our community guidelines for you to review but got a message that I couldn’t attach my document. Do you have another email that I can send them to? I figured this would be a good next step and then we can schedule a phone call.


Can you attach it here?

Hi Lauri, can you send me your details, as im interested. Thanks and looking forward to chatting! darbonneshaun@gmail.com