Anybody thinking about community in Costa Rica?!

Anybody got their eyes on CR!? I’m thinking of co-creating a small homestead on the Pacific Coast somewhere between Jaco and Uvita/Ojochal , with ocean view lots, permaculture, near some surf spots, spring water, river…

Hi @ammo_44 ! I added the permaculture tag for you, as well as a couple of other tags that seem useful for organization as the forum grows.

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Hello, I am also thinking of heading down that way. Have you visited any of the existing communities there? What are your thoughts?

Well I’ve visited Fuente Verde in Tinamastes (not close enuf to the ocean), Serenity Gardens (not much community glue and in the cloud forest a bit too much)…so far my fav spot is St. Michael’s Sustainable Community—I like that it’s multigenerational and permaculture-based, but not wild about one guy kindof being the head honcho, even though I really like Justin a lot…I will be down again for April and will check out Selva Armonia near Uvita, , visit Rancho Mastatal, check out a retreat center in the making in Bocas Del Toro Panama, and maybe look at some lots to create my own ecovillage.

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