Searching for 3-4 people/families ready to build a conscious community - NC

Greetings community seekers! I am looking for 3 to 4 individuals or families that want to be involved in building a conscious based spiritual community; one that will, over time and planning, will be self sufficient, I call it a self sufficient homestead collective. What this means is, the 4 or 5 of us (including myself) equally throw in on a down payment for 20 or more acres; we will be the core founding members. Next, we partition off a communal section (for gardens, gatherings, shops, hot tubs, natural swimming holes, saunas, etc) then the divide the rest among ourselves. We will start a trust or non profit and we will own equal shares - we can discuss more once the people are on board. Think of a small neighbor or tribe working and growing together for the betterment of the future generations…

So how do we do this? There are ways to not involve banks. With 10 to 20 percent down, then we would have X number of years to pay it off - we will discuss ways of paying it off! This is why I am seeking people ready with 10k or more to use as a down payment.

Ultimately, my objective is to turn the property into something that creates its own income. This would eventually allow us to not work matrix jobs so we can focus on creating a world without the odious web of moloch…so to speak. We will discuss this in more detail once the core group of people come together.

In order for us to do this we will need to treat this like a dating situation. I’m calling out for a tribe. One to grow healing foods, vibrate more positive energy, a group of souls that transcend the narrative and don’t fall for the propaganda. Medicine warriors that have come to help guide the lost ones. Protectors for the pole shift. I’m seeking the fire that will shine thru the darkness.

I’m an electrician and builder of things. A shaman dressed like a citizen. I have my share now I just need the soul family. I have been looking at property north of Asheville, NC but honestly I’m open to different locations. I am a psychonaut that believes plant medicines can heal the wounded. I believe the food is the root cause of most dis-eases of the body. I believe a force is trying to harm the planet so that mankind stays sick and on their drugs. I believe we are all connected and can stop them, together, as ONE.

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We’d like to talk to you about your vision. We have a similar project we’re working on. We currently have two properties, one near Greensboro, NC, and another in Marion, VA. The house in VA is urban, but on 3.5 acres, and has potential as a permaculture node and income producing property. The other house we are looking to possibly sell and convert into a 10-20 ac. property like what you’re speaking of. Southwest VA has pretty cheap property right now, and we’re looking to be somewhere between Marion and Waynesville, NC in the long run. We’re a married couple (poly) in our 40’s, I’m a builder, fixer, and grower of things. My wife is a teacher, poet and fixer of another sort. I’ve studied permaculture and lived an experiential life to put as much as possible into practice. We’re looking for collaborators and all-around good folks to plug into an evolving collective vision. We have lots of unused living space and are looking to use what we have to leverage a new dream into reality. My email is, please get in touch.
Kris and Leah Hamilton


This - all of this! It’s so hard to find communities like this!

it’s like our communities but I’m not as beautiful with words like them. We are trying to establish a base group in every state to help each other find others and for collaboration. I don’t think we have found a group yet in the states you mentioned.

I resonate with whats being shared, and am actually already purchasing 13acres of undeveloped land in a beautiful secluded section of sw oklahoma. If interested in possibly settling in a different area, then lets chat. I wouldnt be opposed to possibly joining your ideas and just holding onto my land, as it will keep appreciating value, and can build/sell it at a later time.