Vision for Spiritual Vegan ecovillage creation

My goal is to create an eco village/intentional community where people can live together off the land in harmony with nature and be able to be free from mainstream society. I don’t currently have land nor do I have enough funds to purchase land but I do have ideas and I hope to be able to network with many others who resonate with my vision or have a similar one and would like to create with me. I believe it is the most natural for humans to live in the Tropical regions of the earth where the most life giving fruits grow and food grows year round. I’m open to any size community but my vision would be around15-20 people with a big variety of ages on 15-20 acres. I’m open to any tropical part of the world although I do recognize that due to the current state of the world being controlled by governments there may be hurdles trying to live long term in most countries you weren’t born in. I have recently spent time on the Big Island of Hawaii and there are many intentional communities but none that fit my exact vision but I do think that that could be a possible location if we could find the right piece of land. Costa Rica or Mexico may be good options too. I would also prefer to be in a place where many people already grow food so we can trade with others nearby. Ideally the community would be as self sufficient as possible with many fruit trees garden space, solar panels, water catchment and natural building structures. The only rule of the community would be to not harm others including animals. I personally eat a whole food plant based diet and try to eat many raw foods too and would love to be surrounded by others who eat similarly. I also feel most comfortable around people who care about there health and aren’t dependent on the allopathic system of “medicine”. I envision spirituality to be a big role in the community but we don’t all have to have the exact same beliefs. Ideally every person would have there own structure and private space to live in. Looking forwards to discussing and make this dream a reality with who ever this resonates with.


More and more people seem to be talking about Costa Rica as a place to creat intentional communities, there are a few threads on here in which people are leaning toward Central America, from what I’ve heard many Americans are moving to Costa Rica these last several years, as well as other folks from other parts of the world of course, I’ve heard land there is less expensive and the resources are abundant.

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i also think i am more meant for tropical climate (to settle, long-term, thinking probably in south india). i’m going to visit and help/do workexchange Terra Frutis in Ecuador soon, and going for the upcoming Amazon Fruit Festival (which is from Jan. 17-23, 2023)
to note, i’m already pretty old / 38 years old for joining a village/community [sigh], but anyway, planning to search for eco-/traditional villages to visit/workexchange for long-term settling, and have many ideas of what that is (incl. a tropical climate not being a must, but)
good luck to you erik

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I don’t think 38 is too old, at all, you’re not even middle-aged yet, that won’t be a problem at all.

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Hi Erik. I also have an ad here. I’m plant-based vegan and don’t often find other vegans who’s interested in living off the land. Have you visited

Hi Erik

Your vision is spectacular and is sorely needed to become a eco-village model that can be replicated for sustainable living off-the-grid. Maybe you would be interested to help me secure funding and set up a board of directors for the Rogue River Eco Village in southern Oregon that I’ve created–see below. I’m looking for creative, visionary leaders, maverick thinkers and those like-minded who want to be able to develop a community that is self sustaining for everything. I invite others like you to contact me.

I already have spectacular beautiful land in southern Oregon next to the Rogue River on 2110 acres where wild elk roam in undeveloped land with diverse topopraphy and abundant water rights. I have created the infrastructure for “The World’s First Integrated Smart Grid Eco-Village Destination Resort Community in a Sustainable Model of Responsible Stewardship on 2,110 Acres with Off-Grid Renewable Green Energy.”

I have created an integrated Value Chain and Supply Chain and established 23 green businesses that are part of the eco-village. These are 23 separate green businesses providing services that enable all residents to use and I’ve create a green living system where renewable solar/hydro kinetic power, water harvesting, biological living sewage, organic gardens/gautomated green house, small fruit and tree orchard and green home construction where all residents can pay at cost through community co-ops. Co-ops are a wonderful platform where all residents participate together to pay at wholes sale cost for everything.

I’ve already created a strategic partnership with the county planning dept where we are eligible to become a quasi-municipality and issue our own water rights, set up elementary school, police/post office etc.

I’ve been approached by Discovery TV Cable TV network director of development that wants to produce a non-scripted reality TV show on the making of the Rogue River Eco Village (construction, planning, community programs, green sustainable living technologies, residential -programs and more)

The Rogue River Eco Village website is only available to be viewed on computer as it is not configured to be viewed on smart phone. I invite others like you to contact me.

(818) 309-8725

I would totally watch that show, I gobble up shows like that. And if we weren’t up here in northwest OR and needing to stay close then your vision would intrigue me as regards what we’d enjoy finding to live in.

This sounds like a wonderful community idea.