Seeking Radicals

Seeking radical believers in the coexistence of liberty and the common good to found the happiest and freest community in the world.

Founders are needed to expand upon the concept of a community which is:

  • Built upon specific principles of individual and communal sovereignty
  • Served by a 3-branched government to balance leadership, representation, and philosophy
  • Committed to communistic living in which members are valued equally and share freely
  • Directed towards self-sufficiency
  • Welcoming to diverse experiences and beliefs
  • Open to trade with external markets
  • In search of continuous improvement
  • Managed for responsible, regular growth

Those interested must be willing and able to commit to:

  • A vision that will out live them
  • A multi-year project with no guarantee of success
  • Cooperating as an equal with people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and perspectives
  • Utilizing collaborative tools and technologies
  • Spending 6 hours per week on founding work and discussions

If this resonates with you, please DM me or reply in this thread. I sincerely believe that the right group of people can accomplish anything, so I hope this finds you.

Hi - I’m giving it one more push.

Last March I traveled to Los Angeles and saw a man sleeping under a street lamp. It was unseasonably cold, he was lying on the sidewalk, and the lamp above him was doing this loud and constant electrical BZZZZZ. I can’t forget the impact that moment had on me - on one hand I couldn’t imagine being in that situation, and on the other hand I overwhelmingly thought “Stay away from me”.

I wrestled with my guilt from that night, and the conclusion I came to was that it’s not OK for me to see another human in distress and to feel afraid or disgusted. Regardless of personal choices, chance circumstances, or economics, that person was no more or less worthy of humanity than me. And yet, I went back to a hotel while they stayed on the ground.

So, that’s the driving force behind my belief in community - we are naturally entitled to freedom and to humanity, and I believe it’s wrong that mainstream society stratifies us with wealth and privilege. The community I want to design with you is one that respects our equal sovereignty and serves as an alternative to those who are left out and left behind.

The community I’m here to discuss isn’t based on any specific quirks - I’m not a spiritualist, I don’t want to limit your technology, and I’m not trying to save the environment. While those are valid topics, everything is secondary to ensuring individual and equal sovereignty. Everyone should be able to live their lives freely while also respecting how others choose to live.

Where I am prescriptive is here: I believe in a three-branched government so that authority is neither concentrated too tightly nor spread too thinly. I believe in community members having certain, unalienable rights. I believe in universal suffrage and merit based leadership. I believe in personal property and freely sharing. I believe in striving for self-sustainability and exploring the world for fresh ideas. These are the particulars that I believe the community should operate within.

Finally, this message is from someone not in a community but in the mainstream. There isn’t a plot of land ready for us to move onto or any money set aside to buy one. I’m reaching out for collaborators to build something real and lasting from the ground up. Let’s write a constitution, let’s raise money, and let’s form a community.

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I resonate with almost everything you said. 98% I’m down to clown like Charlie Brown. My only quibble is the insistence on a 3 branch government. I’ve been getting the training in Sociocracy, and I think it is a powerful tool for decentralizing power and running a scalable community.

I, too, see the real harm done by the current sociopolitical and economic structures of the world (USA especially) and I think IC is the right way to go, if we as a movement can increase our direct “marketing” to the outside world. I believe that we have the bones of a system that can replace the current workings and make the world a more fair and just place to live.

Hi, thank you for replying! “Down to clown like Charlie Brown” made me laugh lol. I haven’t read through this forum in a while, so I’m glad I decided to pop in today.

I’d love to chat with you more to share ideas and to see if we could work on this together! A three-branched government is my opinion of what’s best, but I’m open to discussing this and other ideas. Hopefully you login a little more frequently than I do - please feel free to reply here or to DM me whenever!