Seeking a community built on the principles of solidarity

Hello! My name is Raza. I am 35 years old, based in nyc. I am a neuroscientist by profession and have been living in the States for last 8 years. I have mostly been busy with my academic career but I am very passionate about sustainable, communal living. I live a minimalist life and I am actively looking for an income sharing commune built on the principle of solidarity to live in. Recently I have strongly been feeling disconnected from the problems of real world. Like every other profession science has been influenced by perverted incentives and I see careerists around, who rather than having a genuine interest in improving others lives are busy meaningless jobs. I want to experience living close to nature, involve in community building, helping others, and enjoy the beauty of life. In future I want to buy some land, build a farm, and maybe start a commune myself.
I have some debt which I am in the process of repaying. I can sustain myself but it will be great to have a feeling of belonging to a community.