Feeler for potential community, probe for existing one(s)

Greetings to all, I am a recent grad (political science) from Alabama. I’ve been studying the idea of sustainable, egalitarian living for several years and always with credence paid to left wing politics originating in Europe during the dawn of capitalism.

I am interested in either starting or joining an existing community that isn’t entirely off the grid, where people do get corporate jobs (if needed for individual contributions to the group) but one that is different than other intentional communities (that already focus on sustainability and democracy) in that it remains very involved with political movements nearby (must be near a major city). Essentially I am thinking of a collective with very clear political goals, not just to escape the grind but to help undermine it both internally and externally while functioning as a democratic eco-friendly community.

If anything similar exists please let me know. I think I would like to help plan such a community but of course I am not made of money (my degree has landed me an unrelated blue collar job thus far). For what it’s worth I am willing to take risks to help found or join such a community. I have a grand vision for a confederation of decentralized communities that are actively involved in saving the planet and revolutionizing the way we live.

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Jbozema4, Look into FreedomCells.org

Over 40,000 people in about 10,000 cells around the world forming communities of liberty-loving Permaculturists, Agorists, Voluntaryists, and similar philosophies. Many of the cells are seeking people with skills and leadership ability to organize or expand their communities.

My cell is Lee County Freedom Cell in Appalachian SW Virginia. We are also listed in the IC.org directory as “Liberty Tree” Farm. Always looking for good people.

Joy and abundance,

Cory “Cimarron” Layne

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Sorry freind but I think you are barking up the wrong tree. If you read my post you would understand that I support democracy, not that freedom from everyone else phrase liberty that is practically antisocial but good luck with your raising your libertarian, tree loving shock troops.

I’m not very good in english to understand some of vocabs you’ve used …
But I understand some of your ideas
If you find any community that serve your purpose let me know … I’m very interested

I’m in Oregon, and have been working on building a similar structure for a community here! I think urban community living is our future as humans - to utilize the best of existing infrastructure (power, water, sewer, public transit, etc) with the addition of rainwater catchment, vertical gardens, shared workshop space, shops along the ground floor for people to sell their wares, etc. I’m currently proceeding in the direction of making a nonprofit, because I certainly don’t have the sort of money to make this happen traditionally. I have a background in psychology, so a lot of my focus has centered around the mental health aspects of how caregivers in our society are strained beyond breaking and how that has a downstream effect on EVERYTHING around them for hundreds of years (not just their kids, but especially their kids.)

I hadn’t considered the political goals beyond better mental health at escaping the biggest hurdles of capitalism, but when people have time and energy to devote to political causes it’s a natural win for everyone!

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There are lots of intentional communities and cohousing options in Portland, do you want to create your new project in Portland or a little farther out? You mention urban, but one could also utilize current systems in smaller cities too, metro area or what not.

Hi, my family is seeking founding members for an urban intentional community so that we can be politically active and participate in city life but also live in community. We’re planing on building in the Twin Cities in MN. Let me know if you are still interested and want to connect.