Seeking Refuge from Insanity of "Modern Civilization"

Hello everyone my name is Zachary Carbone and I am currently in a place in my life where I cannot bare the idea of being stuck behind the “black mirror” for decades of my life and I am looking to find community so I can free myself from AI and technologies control over our mind.

This is not meant to scare anyone but if we do not find places of community and sanctity for the soul then humanity as a whole I feel will go down as it potentially to many of you as well might see is already going down the wrong path

I feel the pain deep in my heart and soul and just want to find people who can see me for me and allow me the space to express myself in my full embodied truth

I am willing to provide support for the survival needs of the group and beyond that I have ancient wisdom and knowledge that I channel from (Gaia) the earth herself that has actually kept me alive in many circumstances in my life in just 23 years here on this earth. I have never failed to get the answers I need just from heading out into nature and even laying my bare feet on the grass outside my home I instantly feel the charging of my being as (electrical beings) we are

I know community is in store for my future and I realize now is the time for me to officially begin searching for my future home and soul tribe as I move away from what I was born into (programmed existence) → (free spirited expression and creation eternally)

I hope this resonates deeply with your soul as I know there are many others out there like me who already are and are willing to find and invite to communities current and future

Peace and Love To All of Humanity


Hi theeteernanow,

Your message resonates with my partner, Harry, and I and we wanted to reach out to you.

We have remote property in AZ, in a valley SE of the Aquarius mountains, and just starting to search for like minded souls who want to form a community (education center?) using alternative building and ancient technologies.

Would love to talk with you sometime soon and exchange some ideas of how to create a new


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For 23 years old you are quite a bit further ahead then most, what you said not only resonated in me its a mirror to my consiousness. I am also looking to get out of the matrix that is pushed onto us and seek a community that i can be myself in and can offer my unique skill set to, as ive been a diesel technician for 21 years. I excel at other things beyond my diesel which im wanting to get out of, im a great fisherman and all around outdoorsman. Not into hunting anymore but if its for my stomach, i wouldnt go hungry as i was quite good at it. Just dont care to take anythings life unless i must. If theres a community looking for a 45yr old man of god, that just wants to help and teach others that want to learn what ive learned, i have no love for money, i just want to live free at this point im done with the rat race, please hit me up i can relocate fast, and im currently living in a broken rv in northern wisconsin and the deep freeze is coming, -30 weather. Im not sure i will be able to keep this thing heated. So im ready and willing.

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hey internet friends! i want to join. what if everyone stopped what they were doing for an hour and prayed! oh my gosh! that would be cool!

but sriously, I also want to opt out, be peaceful and grow tasty food. how should we all communicate?

I resonate deeply with your thoughts - I have an array of metaphysical talents and knowledge and not so much about the physical knowledge but I know that as my consciousness can move closer towards an ancient knowing which I know is almost kept within waiting for the space to exist in that “being” like the cat I will be able to “learn” or more so come back to what I already know we as powerful spiritual beings already know

I have been working on visions towards creating a platform of connection for all who seek the natural way of life outside the “matrix” system but it has been extremely difficult to manifest it from my current situation in life - I seek a place to go or community to find even online who resonate with our ways and senses of returning to a natural order of life even as closely operated connected to natural law of our reality instead of artificial control systems on the mind connected to technology and others things at play

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I completely understand friend. Surely there is a reason for that. And just as surely, there must be a way around it.

I was thinking the other day about struggle. At first I felt/thought : struggle is bad… it means I am not aligned. But then I thought about nature : don’t newborns struggle to come out of the womb?

Is struggle necessary? Maybe. Is it bad. I don’t think so.
Is it easier with help?


Let’s find a way to connect : send me a message here and we can get on a call.

PS: I watched a video recently about the buddhist principles of sowing karmic seeds.
One of the things it said was to, in order to more rapidly manifest something in your life, you should seek out someone else seeking that same thing and help them. That is my intent here : and also it would be nice to find a friend. Hoping this is ok

Yes. I feel that too. I am learning sourdough bread. I’m supposed to name it. Lol! But yeah, walking barefoot in grass or sand, I feel the electricity and grounding. I want to find my tribe. My family. Plant, grow, cook etc. I’m in north Florida.

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