Consider expanding the "reach" of "intentional communities"

I am concerned that tiny communities spread here and there will really do very little to help Humanity shake its bonds… the bonds which capital places on much of Humanity, solely to allow a tiny class to profit in ways Humanity has never experienced before. As well, the systems in place by capital are OBVIOUSLY creating numerous fronts that serve to spawn one giant existential crisis. IOW, how can these “ICs” be re-imagined in order to merge the population that wants to “IC”, with the population that seeks to destroy the capital class?

“Imagine Life Without Money”

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I think it’s important to create viable funnels from the city to the countryside/nature where people can go back and forth for some time and take resources and energy from the city and invest them more in the country/communities/spaces more in sync with nature. Instead of having it be ecocommunity isolated from everything or urban consumerist life with little in between. There needs to be better stronger bridges.

Honestly? Less colonizer founders. So many people look for virgin nature to place their community in the center of. While nature is a lovely place to be in, I do think our world needs reforestation, not DEforestation. I think many people are drawn in by the appeal of a lush wild at a cheaper price. What we need more now than ever though is to transform our current “urban” spaces. I contribute to this personally by managing a garden of my own, and helping with community gardens. Others may learn recycled crafts like basketry - or create a communal art space that brings precious materials to low income artists.

Running away to the middle of the woods to “hide away” from capitalism is not the solution. It’s white flight.

You might be interested in this open letter to the Intentional Communities Movement I wrote. I believe the Intentional Communities movement, like the world, is at a crossroads. I wrote this to help us consider its direction.