EcoGather Intentional Community Study Group

Hi there,

I’m work for a collapse-responsive learning network called EcoGather, based in Vermont. We make and curate existentially important and heterodox education for adults who wish to bravely face the crises of the 21st century with nuanced understanding and effective action. We offer free weekly gatherings to help people understand and come to terms, and respond to the upstream causes and solutions to the ongoing collapse of modern industrial civilization.

We recently hosted an EcoGathering on Intentional Community that proved to be really popular, and yet, we only scratched the surface (despite running 30% longer than usual)! We wanted to give our participants the chance to dive even further into the practical and logistical considerations of forming and maintaining intentional communities, so we will be hosting an intentional community study group. This will be a chance for folks to gather around a sense of shared purpose and momentum around researching the diverse ways these are established, and to learn from one another.

I am also in the process of purchasing land with the hope to establish some form of intentional community or cooperative organization there. So, I will be learning right alongside our participants! So far, we have people signed up at many different stages of development (although most are at the earlier stages). If you (or people you know) would be interested in participating, meeting others with shared interests, or even joining in a one-off capacity to share your experience so far (e.g., things you have learned the easy and hard ways, the mistakes you have made, the successes, challenges etc.), you can find more information on our website.

I look forward to connecting, and I hope we have the opportunity to learn from and support each other!

All my best,

Hi Nissa
I’m looking to network with groups like yours to meet peeps who Can Farm. Farm in Hand here now. Who caress beyond talk. ?
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I would appreciate your response