Other Spaces to talk about Community

The Intentional Community Forum is great, but it’s not the only thing out there! Do you know about something more real-time, like a chatroom or a regular zoom call? Or maybe there are some more specific or slower-paced conversations, like a listserv. This is a place to find them and post them.

And while you’re there – let them know about the Intentional Community Forum and invite them over!

Other Discussion Forums
Reddit: r/intentionalcommunity


A virutal meeting on Zoom or Jitsi Meet would be amazing! I would love to talk with others in real time who are also forming their own intentional communities!!

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I’m having a Zoom meeting this Saturday at Noon (MST) to discuss starting a book group. Send me an e mail if you’d like to join lilaosborne@rocketmail.com

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Hi. I started another thread in this forum about our group Sexual Abuse Prevention for ICs. We meet quarterly. I"ll post our future meetings here too. Thanks,

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I would love that as well.