Making the Forum more visible on the Homepage


I am grateful for the forum, and have a feedback and a question. The feedback is that on the homepage, that the Forum gets its own header, similarly to Classifieds and Resources. I imagine both new and people returning to this site to check up on it, will not be aware that there is a forum, and now it is hidden away under Connect, which I assumed was the ‘Contact us’ seen on other websites.

My question is of the cost of maintaining this forum, and how that is managed, as I would like to pitch in need be.


Hi @Humm1lity,

Thank you for the feedback on the placement of the forum on the IC homepage. @cynthiaatina1 is working with a team right now on a redesign of the homepage, so I will be sure to pass this along to her.

@Neil may know more about the actual cost of running the forum on our end, and one time donations and FIC Memberships are what help fund the Forum. As far as helping out with the forum, I know in the future we may be looking for more moderators. I’ll have to check in with the rest of the team about what that process looks like. Thank you for stating your interest. Stay tuned!

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@Humm1lity I’m happy to report that I was messaging @cynthiaatina1 today on our staff slack channel, and the forum is going to be much more accessible in the new design from the FIC homepage. I’m excited for you all to see the new design.

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Thanks Ryan for answering both my questions, and I am glad it will become more accessible in the future.

Membership is a good solution to me, so will going for that option.

Relieved to get feedback on my feedback, I am very glad this forum is up, and will with ardent nods and silent exclamations cheer for its growth. :wink: