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I just spent all morning filling in their profile section. Its VERY thorough. Would be nice if actual ICs were also on there. Oh, why is it so challenging to find a safe place to live, and garden, and bake bread, and make wine, and farm a commodity, and have a happy and loving community to share all that?


To answer your question of “why so challenging” would take a few books on psychology, economics, and politics eh? All of us dreamers are still trying!

About your first point, the FIC directory already does a great job listing what intentional communities are established and open to new members. Now that you did all that work, there’s nothing to stop you from sharing your profile link with communities you’re interested in. They would get a lot of useful information about what you could offer and whether you’d be a good cultural fit. If you’re interested in why it’s important to keep individual profile listings separate from listings of established intentional communities, read here.

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TY makes sense. Funny thing, not long after i made the profile someone contacted me on Permies. Funny how that works out.

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