My precious community idea is not posting. Support email is dead

Trying to not be self-conscious too much, as the community idea I’ve written is not posting on the map (I wish to build a spiritual, adult playground if you catch my drift… most of the details are on my website though because it feels a bit more natural and intimate that way–but the required info is filled in), it has been I believe 6 days, and no support emails get answered either (I’ve sent 3 including today).

Really not feeling very groovy right now. But I thought I’d give the forum a shot. See what comes up.

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(I’m not tech support, I just know what they’re probably going to say)

There’s three separate ways to access it:
• The map
• The search
• Just typing in the URL directly (or someone clicking on a link to it from another site)

(Afaik the URL always starts with “Communities Directory - Find Intentional Communities”)

If the last one doesn’t work, it’s a more serious problem and the first two can’t work.
Try checking the last two also as to whether they work or not and say the results here for tech support to see.

(Also post the URL here if you feel okay doing that)

No nothing on map, and no entries found in advanced search (and why would there be since they have to approve it firstly anyhow).

To be honest I think there’s no one working at ic right now :laughing:. but hey I’m not starting nothing I’m just saying it feels a bit like that. :dash::dash::ghost:

PS. not sure what url I possess since it’s a new community, never listed before.

I am utterly disappointed by the fact that nobody answers the support email. No, I won’t call “you” to hear your voice if you can’t even bother to type to me. I hate most human interactions already, because most have little grace. I’m a misanthrope I suppose. So you can keep your classes and your memberships. The website looked all so professional, I thought it would have a little more class than this crap. " “someone from our staff team will get back to you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!” “system; thanks for spending time with us”. really?
bullshit is everywhere.
oh and this forum? a downtrodden batch trying to scrape their way back to dignity.
makes me wonder at what point did this organization lose its soul and purpose (probably when it became a “foundation”) and how it’s going to gain it back.
I probably won’t be here to see it though.
the rocket has launched
the ship has sailed
I wasn’t ready physically for community but,
my soul is and,
if that isn’t enough for my community to get approved then,
y’all don’t have one.

this last sentence was not an insult, since it was a hypothetical, depending on whether there is actually someone or many people working at “approving communities” (and answering support ofc)… man what a snob job the former must be too.

see Community approval is bullshit and nobody is answering email support prove me wrong if you can - #3 by therosehermit

Here’s my reply to your private message to me feeling entitled to my time:

I have a whole life that includes making sure I’ll have clean water to drink and building some kind of house so I won’t die of hyperthermia in a subtropical climate; I’m very busy. You’re welcome for any advice I do give as a random human being on the earth. Also it was mother’s day where I am.

Based on all this, I think you’re very pushy and having suffered two years in an Intentional Community under someone who’s pushy and doesn’t care about other peoples’ time or consent, I’m not going to do anything to help you make an intentional community anymore.

Please don’t message us random people who aren’t even tech support, or post duplicate threads. You’re not entitled to random peoples’ time that we give for free; we’re all extremely busy, and it doesn’t sound like you’re in imminent life-or-death dire straights that you getting this resolved quickly is more important than whatever we’re all doing (and if you were, this wouldn’t be a quick enough mechanism to deal with that; there are other channels meant for that).

people who struggle building houses to not die of hyperthermia and have clean water to drink shouldn’t give half-assed responses to a technical problem on a forum to begin with.

I like services done well and all the way. I dislike mediocrity of all kinds, in all people and organizations.

that’s that.

PS. I pretty sure I wasn’t that pushy. maybe I was even just talking about how I felt. but I can’t check that message again. maybe you deleted it. :slight_smile: …maybe.

Oh and please don’t make random assumptions about people. I could make the assumption that you ghost your lovers often (assuming you had any) and treat them terribly but that wouldn’t mean I would write and proclaim such nonsense to the world.

I’ll come back just to say: For the public record, I deleted nothing (I’m not even sure you can delete PM’s). I never sent a response in a private message; my response to his private message was this public one above; sorry to anyone if that was confusing (I see now it was called a “quote” block here but I wasn’t quoting anything; at least in the specific Discord culture I’m in, we often use that typography without that meaning).

and for the public record, all I did was send a message to puppy that was about 3 sentences. I believe I said that I was disappointed that there was no follow-up. that’s it that’s all.


PS. yeah I’m almost certain it was 3 sentences. sentence 1. I’m disappointed that there is no follow-up. 2. that’s it that’s all. 3. hope you have a better day than I’m having.

was half hoping to get some additional support. but apparently, even asking for a bit more is too triggering for puppypi.