Navigation from login registration to forum

Everything looks great! The only confusion I experienced was once I created an account, I was directed to a login confirmation page and wasn’t clear how to get to the forum. Kim pointed out the forum banner and selected it. I was looking for a button or clearer way to navigate me.

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@cynthiaatina heads up on this one!

I have no idea about how to make this clearer while also not confusing people who come to our my fic account page for other reasons. @OsaIsacson I think this is a problem we need another kind of solution for. We are always going to lose people.

Okidok. So the flow we have now for someone who is completely new to FIC - aka does not have a pre-existing account - is this:

  1. They try to access
  2. They get diverted to - this is correct since we are using the login
  3. They create their account
  4. They land on the ‘My FIC account’ page

…this is actually correct since what they are doing is creating an FIC account. I checked if there is a way to make it instead go:

  1. They try to access
  2. They get diverted to - this is correct since we are using the login
  3. They create their account
  4. The system recognizes that they accesses the creation of their account via
  5. They get diverted back to

a) there is no clear way to achieve this in the discourse settings (though Rodrigo said he will have a look and see what we can do)
b) in my opinion it would not be as honest to divert back to immediately: they are actually creating an FIC account, so they should be made aware of this fact and land on their FIC account page.

I’d suggest we sort this through the copy of the account page, in order to make new users - both those who enter via and those entering through - aware of that they’ve landed on their FIC account page and that they now have these exciting options of either exploring more, or going to the forum. It might be as simple as working more on making the forum image look like a button, as Scout suggested he was looking for this.

That’s my suggestion, but I’m of course open to other options here :smiley:

Thank you @Scout! This is very helpful feedback and we are working to resolve this issue.

Okidok! We have implemented a couple of solutions to help fix this issue.

  1. The login page that redirects to the Forum now has a different background color and logo:

  2. Once a new user lands on their FIC account page there is a clearer button to guide to the Forum:

Many thanks for your feedback @Scout! Marking this as solved.