What are the other movements that overlap with Intentional Community?

so curious to hear how others are seeing the larger ecosystem>?

Great question! The FIC has been a member of the New Economy Coalition for a number of years now. It’s a broad network of all kinds of organizations working at the intersection of racial, economic, and climate justice. It’s been an important place for FIC to network, share, and learn.

Other movements we’ve had connection with over the years include the Transition Town movement, the permaculture movement, and the worker co-op movement.

There’s also the various submovements of intentional community with their respective organizations, including cohousing, student housing co-ops, ecovillages (which is a much more international movement), and more. There’s also adjacent groups like NuMundo, which has been trying to organize experiential learning centers internationally, and there’s the Holistic Centers Network, and many those kinds of places are also essentially intentional communities.

That’s what I can think of off the top of my mind. Curious if there are others people are tracking!


https://Game-b.org/ is looking broadly at alternatives to individualistic capitalism
https://ecovillage.org/ was mentioned by skybluestar but cannot be overstated and has several regional networks: Region Pages Archive - Global Ecovillage Network

Going out on a tangent, https://aanr.com has a many communities that people live in and work out of. The focus of these communities is not wearing clothes, so they have more residents when it’s seasonal, but they are a version of cohousing (multiple residences on a shared-ownership property). They also tend to be a lot lighter on the air conditioning, for that aspect of ecological living.

Some snowbird communities could also be seen as cohousing, if they have a board of trustees and shared ownership. I’m not aware of an association for them, though. I’ve also read about standard trailer parks becoming resident owned.


I’d also say the Social Health movement would be one that is emerging and has IC as big overlap in terms of community aspect


The environmentalism and sustainability movements, and the homesteading and self sufficiency movements would both be related to intentional community and to each other.


I’m thinking about an off grid micro nation. In no way am I political, but it would be a spoof of governments and a contradiction of the way things are done.


onemundito,com moves with evolving techonogies albeit at its on pace.


Flat hierarchy work perhaps? Consensus decision making, Sociocracy, Holacracy and all of this world?

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I think ruled-based “Consensus decision making” is good for our 5 unit cohousing project. However, DAO could work as well.

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