Introduce yourself and meet others

I have DID too! What is it like to romance other alters?

If you haven’t already looked - you might be interested in Willowhaven Society (

Hello KyraLavenderDove, I always enjoy meeting other systems. For myself, I’m a singlet. Having four girlfriends living in the same system of 300 alters, is quite something. It’s difficult when I want to spend time with them but someone else is fronting. But for the rest, it’s pure joy :slight_smile: <3

If you want, you can contact me in private and we could chat more.

Hello! I’m Meredith (she/her) and I’m pretty thrilled this forum exists! My husband, Chris (he/him) have been interested in ICs for years but are only starting to get serious about looking now.
Ideally, we’d like to join an existing IC or cohousing community. We own a home now in Eastern MA and would like to sell and head to Western MA, or somewhere in New England.
Probably our most important consideration is our kids, 6 and 4yo. We’d be open to some kind of communal schooling or would love to hear suggestions for alternative school or even progressive public schools (they currently attend one that is reputed as “excellent” and is mainly focused on compliance and high test scores).
We love the idea of shared resources and are hungry for authentic connection with like-minded people. We’re open to a lot of different lifestyles but we’re pretty solid on being omnivorous, monogamous, friendly to plant medicine, and hostile towards capitalism (though forgive us, we’re still sorting through a long breakup with it!).
We’d also be interested in talking with people about starting an IC but are a little daunted, mostly by land restrictions.
And I’m, personally, just a little curious about living somewhere besides New England. Are we missing out to not broaden our search in the US?