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Hello KyraLavenderDove, I always enjoy meeting other systems. For myself, I’m a singlet. Having four girlfriends living in the same system of 300 alters, is quite something. It’s difficult when I want to spend time with them but someone else is fronting. But for the rest, it’s pure joy :slight_smile: <3

If you want, you can contact me in private and we could chat more.

Hello! I’m Meredith (she/her) and I’m pretty thrilled this forum exists! My husband, Chris (he/him) have been interested in ICs for years but are only starting to get serious about looking now.
Ideally, we’d like to join an existing IC or cohousing community. We own a home now in Eastern MA and would like to sell and head to Western MA, or somewhere in New England.
Probably our most important consideration is our kids, 6 and 4yo. We’d be open to some kind of communal schooling or would love to hear suggestions for alternative school or even progressive public schools (they currently attend one that is reputed as “excellent” and is mainly focused on compliance and high test scores).
We love the idea of shared resources and are hungry for authentic connection with like-minded people. We’re open to a lot of different lifestyles but we’re pretty solid on being omnivorous, monogamous, friendly to plant medicine, and hostile towards capitalism (though forgive us, we’re still sorting through a long breakup with it!).
We’d also be interested in talking with people about starting an IC but are a little daunted, mostly by land restrictions.
And I’m, personally, just a little curious about living somewhere besides New England. Are we missing out to not broaden our search in the US?

Hello, I am Erik and I am the founder of Gaia Earthen Technologies Polytechnic, a non profit dedicated to Sustainable Living Education and Research & Development. By trade I am a mechanical/automotive engineer, and I hold an MBA, and a PDC, and I have studied and teach earth architecture.
I started Tranqvillium, Sustainable Living Education and Research Community in the California Mojave six years ago, and I am still working on developing it into a viable off-grid, sustainable living place for those who want to live that lifestyle. You can read about this project here:

I’m Case. I first learned about IC’s just they other day. Some that I’ve read about on the directory appear to be the embodiment of what I always thought would be a better life. Life is not a zero sum game but of course that’s how most are taught to survive. I don’t want a system to game. I dream of a place with honest people who just want to live, laugh & love, as stress free as possible. I’m born and raised in Houston, TX but the Pacific NW is my ideal home and as of two days ago, I’m prepared to make the move. I’ll try anything at least once, within reason.

You had me at pristine land in Oregon. What do you have going on?

Hello… I am a 52 yr young, autistic hwyte male, who’s been rung through the ringer known as “capitalist USA”, and is currently stuck under the “care” of my younger sister in stolen Akokisa land, Turtle Island (AKA Houston, TX, USA) and I have been begging online for years now in hopes to alleviate myself of this entity which has ruined my life (long story, will fill in later)

Being autistic “forbids” me being a “people person”, BUT I DO understand the concept AND can fit into a community that understands autism in others. I am VERY online, and in fact maintain a “gemlog” and a “gopher hole” under the same name on a tiny “text only” server (the gemlog is mostly me complaining about my sister and the situation she has put me in), and I have a presence on Mastodon, which I have lessened my use of since establishing my Gemini capsule. I have given up on Big Data, and am currently looking into ditching the ones that have captured my “real name”

As you can tell, I have “alternative” ideas of our existence here on Planet Earth. Bear with me…

I have a long list of interests, and many of those are also my Special Talents, but to be brief, I’ll just say I can cook and make bread and ferment stuff and clean up after myself and keep to myself. I also love all creatures, and I literally sleep with 2 dogs as it it stands right now. I would have little issue caring for more bigger beasts, if it came to that.

I decided to interject my spiel here on IC in hopes some community finds me palpable and would like to bring me into their space. Anywhere in the World at this point. There’s at least a small chunk of funds I can produce at the outset (my SSI, which my sister steals all from me… I need to break that cycle)

All that said, please consider helping me out of this hell I’m in. I can stay in TX, or move back to NV (TX being the easiest move, NV bc I fell in love with Northern NV, and only left bc of a girl… which got me in this situation I’m in now in the first place. Like I said, it’s a long story) or go just about anywhere there’s a place for me (and I can get help moving there)


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Hello. My name is Bailey. I am currently living in Caro, Michigan and looking for a community to join. I am 39 years old, single, with no children or family. I am a hard worker and recently owned and operated my own beef cattle ranch.

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Hello, I’m David. My family is actively searching for a community in the North East. Although we are originally from Texas, we have spent the past year on a family sabbatical living in Panama and Costa Rica. During this time, our main focus has been on our children, who are aged 3 and 5. We wanted to break away from the authoritarian parenting style that we were raised with and instead focused on healing our own childhood trauma to prevent passing it down to our children. Through this process, we have become empowered to live according to our values, which are informed by anarchism. This means that we prioritize love and connection in our lives, and we want to raise our children in a community that shares these values.

Our goal is to model non-hierarchical cooperation and consensus building in all areas of life, including home, work, school, and community. We are interested in authoritative non-coercive parenting, Sudbury Valley model schools, unschooling, worker cooperatives, and of course intentional communities. We are open to joining an existing multi-generational community with other families with children or using our modest resources to start our own community.

Both my partner and I grew up feeling restless in the suburbs, and we envision a beautiful rural or semi-rural setting where our free-range children can explore, be close to nature, and eat locally grown food. This search is our main focus, and we are excited to connect with and learn from other like-minded seekers in our quest for a community that aligns with our values.

Hi Ash!
I’m Kai (they.them) and also in FL. Planning to flee these insane laws though, since they’re probably making our medical care totally optional today, and some friends in PA aren’t feeling super confident in their state either right now. We’re (5-6 of us currently, all LGBTIQ+/allied) planning to go to somewhere in New England or the Mid-Atlantic most likely.

Anyway just saw your post while scrolling, as I just arrived today. You sound awesome, and I’m so glad to see folx like yourself as I walk in the door. I feel safer already. :smiley:

Hi! I’m Kai (they/them)!

I’ve lived in IC previously in a few different formats and styles. I’m an introvert and love living with just my partner and dogs, but also absolutely appreciate the deep value living in community provides.

I’m forming something, not sure what yet, with my fellow LGBTQ+ friends and our allies (5-6 currently), to provide community and refuge for those fleeing states and countries with policies that put them in danger. Which, sadly, includes ourselves at this time.

We’ve been talking about it in theory for over ten years, but now it feels like the next logical step. This will be at least a year out for us, as we, I guess, flip what was supposed to be a “at least for a good while” home, and recoup our losses as we only moved to this state 2 years ago. This mad-dash-to-fash is just exceptionally quick here, it seems.

Currently enrolled in the “Starting a Community” course, and excited to be here!

Hi All, My name is Donnie Austin, I’m new to the forum. I’m looking forward to learning and listening to how other members have launched and built their communities in international locations. I’m on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, hoping to grow a small Intentional Community here with the helps of others.

Air Force Veteran, currently retired from a civilian “techie” career. My background is electronics, residential housing design, construction and renewable energy. My effort to launch a little community on the Pacific coast South of Manta, Ecuador will be my first try at this. I’m blessed to have found an amazing crew that specializes in Bamboo housing and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can create.

Hello to all, I’m Muirén (muir + éan) and I’m a 66-years-old Black Trans Woman (AMAB — She, Her) who lives alone in a modest apartment located near Shattuck Ave, downtown Berkeley, California. In the sense that bell hooks defines in her books, papers, speeches, I am unapologetically Queer; Gender Non-Conforming, Lesbian, ACE (Romantic Demisexual), and expressing a diagnosed Neuro-Divergence.

I’m primarily self-funding a concept of community rooted in cultural and economic solidarity, an intentional, cooperative common sense. The ends a social movement seeks to achieve are shaped by the means it employs, so we are a cooperatively organized, sociocratically managed community of creatives supported by its own efforts.

Please join me in discussing it on this thread elsewhere on the forum:
[NorCal • SFBA] In Search Of Co-operative Creative Partners for Community

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Greetings intentional community friends,
Call me Momo (she/here). I live on an island in Pacific NW and in Rocky Mts and soon in Blue Ridge Mts as well.
I love to support people to connect with our true nature through embodied arts and contemplative intimacy in outdoor landscapes. I want to co-create a culture that thrives on artful living experiences that deeply listen to and honor our shared Being on Earth.

I am available to land at and commit to an optimal creative living community. I prefer a small (4) to mid sized (30) land-based, non-urban place with thriving supply of water and food growing potential.
This could be new or already under way.
My sites are primarily set toward places in North Carolina, Colorado, New Mexico and Hawaii.
I work primarily online so can live most anywhere with good ethernet/internet connection.
Im EMF sensitive so nowhere that wifi or cellular signal is required.

This summer I want a travel buddy who's up for a shared adventure, to drive with me (same or tandem vehicles) X country from Pacific NW to South East USA and visit/tour communities in between to explore the best resonances.

I have a lifelong list of community living situations ranging from mixed families and communal houses and free schools of childhood to building my own retreat center and nature-based intentional learning community in past 8 years.

Interests and skills include instructing, performing and directing dance and theater (both in person and online), non-dual spiritual pathless path, sociocracy, somatic transformational healing, Gene Keys/Human Design, wilderness adventures, facilitating creativity retreats in nature, gardening, creation questing.

I have much to offer and am ready to dive deep and play long and strong in this field of living and loving!

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Hi friends! Chelsea MacLeod Schultz here of Peaceful Play Ecovillage, a clothing optional, off-grid metaphysical community that’s looking for tropical rainforest land in Guatemala:purple_heart:

We’re also in search of co-founders who are:

-Land Owners - Tropical Rainforest


-Biodynamic Farmer

-Food Forest Expert

-Foragers & Herbalists

-Organic Cooks

-Off-Grid Natural Builders (cob, earthship, etc)

-Solar, Water and Natural Power Source Experts

-Natural Medicine Herbalist/Doctor

-Massage Therapist

-Tattoo Artist

-Social Media Guru

-Experienced Philanthropy & Donor Expert

-Soulful Musicians, Eco Artists and Intuitives

Meet our community here:(Peaceful Play Clothing-Optional Eco-village, organized by Chelsea MacLeod Schultz)

Would love to meet others in Guatemala and also get tips on buying affordable rural land in the country.

Happy to be here!

  • Call me Zach
  • I am currently in State College Pennsylvania
  • I have lived in a co-living situation for a year or so but did not find it to be exactly to my liking so I am looking for something new
  • My special talent is the ability to create as I speak and feel
  • I am interested in martial arts and have competed in tournaments in the past. I enjoy creating and entrepreneurship as well as my favorite interest these days is connecting and conversing with all types and kinds of people and groups
  • I am here because I cannot imagine going my entire life in a “normal” living situation that has been prescribed to us and I am actively seeking connections with those who are in current intentional communities and I am looking to join one

I look forward to finding my new home on here and connecting with all of you guys!

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Hello all!
My name is Justin, and I live in San Antonio, Texas, with my wife, dogs and cats. We don’t live in an intentional community now, but we have discussed our enthusiasm for such a living arrangement. My experience with community is having served 10 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and maintaining a good relationship with my family, both near and far.
I am an able-bodied 30-some year old with experience in gardening outdoors, growing mushrooms indoors, and manual labor with and without tools. My wife and I are trying to align our lives to a more sustainable, regenerative, holistic lifestyle that naturally benefits personal, communal and, therefore, global growth and health. We value the ability to choose privacy if we feel that being social at a particular time is not best, but we also want to be engaged in and with a like-minded community of friendly and useful people.
By trade, I am a geospatial intelligence professional, with a background in using my working-proficiency with the Chinese-Mandarin language, dietary sports supplement sales, and personal training (physical exercise training). My wife LOVES animals and children and has a background in childcare. The most transparent way I can answer the question as to why we are here is to say that we are trying to find a community that practices communal, regenerative homesteading and spiritual growth. No matter the result of our joining this online community, wherever we live is going to include regenerative farming and minimalist living while trying to do as much good for over as much as we have influence.


Hi my name is River, I live near SF, ca and am not part of a IC yet. I am majoring in wildlife management and conservation. I’m on this site because I would love to set up a POC/former foster youth ecovillage in nature but near a city for jobs/etc in the bay area.

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Hello! My Name is Cody, though I also go by Allen. I’m 23 and I’m originally from State College, PA, though I’m currently in a internship out of town. Currently not involved in any intentional community, though I want to explore the concept further, hopefully experiancing and seeing them first hand once I got my bearings in order.

Community is somthing that is foreign to me, being a part of somthing greater was a compelling reason to look into intentional communities.

Currently I am studying machining and metal working, have an interest in drawing and martial arts.

I hope I can better explore what developing a community is like, and how I can proceed with my life going forward.

Hello Zach! Never thought I would see someone from State College as well.

What should we call you?

Where are you living? Do you live in an intentional community now?
I live in New Jersey. No, I do not live in an intentional community, but I would like to.

What are your experiences in community?

Special talents
I’m a writer, and I’m a fast learner.

Spirituality, star gazing, growing my own food, grounding, being surrounded by nature, finding like-minded people

Why are you here?
I’m seeking an affordable, diverse community to join. I’m here to learn more about them.