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I go by my first or middle names, usually so just call me Michelle here.
I’m in NC, my home state, right now but we’re moving to California where we have land in the high desert. Yes, I already know about the area. There are houses nearby so it’s not impossible to live there. I’m a screenwriter repped by a talent manager/lawyer, he’s a carpenter/home builder.
We’ve never lived in a community but are willing to try. I have posted community listings on and off since the mid 2000s, yet never had any luck finding any serious people.
Me: writing, cooking, baking, painting, drawing, taking care of animals. Him: construction, framing, basic plumbing & electrical, minor car repair, flooring, hanging windows, roofing, reading blueprints, growing vegetables & plants.
Music, movies, books, recipes, travel, hiking, pets, keeping fit - and he’s into fishing, 420 (which is another reason it’s hard to find a community to join, they don’t allow smoking of any kind), and doing woodwork.
I’m here to connect with like-minded others, especially creative types. Email me if interested:, thank you. If you want to become involved with our high desert land (we are going to establish a land lease or perhaps community land trust), contact me. It is just over 2 acres, off grid - we plan to go solar/wind power/batteries - and not far from Red Rock State Park.

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Hi Michelle, you seem to have a VERY similar situation, except I’ve already lived here over two decades.

I’m thrilled that the “Go Branden” and “Trump 24” flags on my way to the paved road disappeared, but we still have a few elsewhere.

To my knowledge it’s like that in all rural areas. Regressive, no cradle to grave, no social services, no medical services.

And that’s one of the main reasons I want to stay here and I finally put up a listing at Xmas Day. Only to be censored, deleting that I’m German and that I want to live “healthy.” Can’t say the H-word!

One person contacted me, but once I explained the “conservative” people here the enthusiasm changed to looking for cheap land elsewhere :frowning: As if it were any different. I’m just honest, letting prospective members know up front what to expect.

Was going to add pics and much more info to my profile, but lost my will to try for now.

It is what it is.

Hello All, I’m Dan and living on 4 acres 45 minutes north of Portland, OR. I am in the process of forming a small group of people who want to live simply and grow their own food. I have created an IC listing called Sadhana Sthana. It is a work in progress.

I am working currently to get systems in place converting grass to gardens and rows to grow food and planting fruit trees and bushes. It is slow progress but joyous. I am interested to meet folks with similar interests and focus.


Hi Dan, we’re down a lil’ south of you, hoping to start an intentional community in the Portland metro area, or slightly further out if we can get a rockin’ rideshare system going), Washington or Clackamas Counties, but not Portland itself. We’re in the beginning of the planning stage, right now there are 8 of us and we’re going to have our first planning meeting in the next week or 2. How far are you in your process of acquiring community members? We’re going to buy the land collectively once we can get our ducks in a row.

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Karen Macdonald here from Emerson Commons

What should we call you?
My unofficial offical name is iLoveyou. Can call me E if that doesn’t work.

Where are you living? Do you live in an intentional community now?
Living nomadically in New Mexico in a 27ft rv travel trailer. Traveled to a few states (AL, FL, MS, TX, LA, NM, CO, MT, CA, WA, OR). Have been in all sorts of places. Boondocking / Mountains / National parks / State parks / Gas stations / Walmart’s / Cracker barrels / Rest stops / Craigslist ads / Thousand Trails / Random places. You name it. Been living it solo so it’s been a journey.

Never been to one, I’d really like to find an intentional community to completely evolve to an entirely next level.

Worked on air planes. No clue how to fly. Turned wrenches mostly.
Been tinkering with the rv for the past 3 years full time.
Built a hydroponic system inside the rv. I have managed to grow a tomato plant while traveling state to state (in the winter).

Coming up with new ideas
Scuba diving
Deep thinking
Self realization
Knowing Thy Self
Cool hippies
Self actualization
Living a meaningful life
Good ole’ chamomile tea
18650 batteries & lithium stuff
Taking random things apart
Acoustic Guitar (finger pick’n)
GIS mapping stuff (Arc GIS / QGIS)

Why are you here?
To completely transform our society and bring the heat. To get this revolution started. To bring some serious change. To bring a new system. To bring the love. To level up. To grow. To encourage others to grow. To rally and unify. I WANT CHANGE!

Greetings Adriano, I’m in Pennsylvania. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in chatting

Hello Aleta Toure here,

We are the Parable of the Sower Intentional Community Cooperative

We are Black women and our families looking to buy land in Bay Area California (We we’re fist in the South). We grew out of New Jim Crow Movement project called Free Marissa Now
We are the dirt!
Our motto:
As long as the sun shines, the water flows and the grass grows may our ancestors keep us! —- RNA


Any land leads please call 707-857-6455

Hey. I’m John. I’m excited to be here. I’m hoping/planning/expecting to start an intentional community in Livingston, Montana, USA. I haven’t lived in an intentional community before. I have background/experience in mechanical engineering, information/communication technology (i.e. computer/network guy), K-12 public education, healthcare, and ranching… to name a few. I have experience leading teams, facilitating conversations, and having FUN. I play soccer. I run. I swim. I’m eager to find fellow founders and develop an eco-village on 1.25 acres (already purchased) in Montana. Peace and smiles.

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I am Pam
I am living in Abingdon, VA. I am an offsite member of the Elderspirit co-housing community. I am offsite because my wife and I have 3 horses, 2 dogs and 8 cats.
I joined Elderspirit during the pandemic. The community has older and immune compromised residents so that many social gatherings had to be cancelled. It made it had to get to know fellow community members. We have been here 2 1/2 years now and Elderspirit is part of our home.
I am in my 70’s and want to age in place. I hope to learn about ways to do that and ways in which the Elderspirit community can help its members do the same.


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I’m Robert Martin, happy to be called Bob. My wife and I are members of the Camphill Village Kimberton Hills community, in Kimberton, PA, near Phoenixville, PA. I’m 82, retired since 2021 from Bard College in the Hudson River Valley of New York, where I taught philosophy and served as director of the Bard College Conservatory of Music (I"m a cellist). Being part of an intentional community is new for me and I’d like to become good at it.

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What should we call you?
Grey (she/they)

Where are you living?
I live in a single family home with my aging parents.

What are your experiences in community?

Special talents
BFA in photography, weaving, good at learning arts, crafts, and design stuff.

I’d like to get further into fiber arts and learn to draft patterns and make clothing.

Why are you here?
I began looking into communities during my divorce a few years ago. I couldn’t afford to live on my own and wasn’t interested in pursuing another partnership. I wanted platonic relationships and solidarity with other creative/artistic people, and we’d make beautiful things together.

However, I have ME/CFS, and my symptoms have gotten severe over the past two years. I am now mostly housebound, only able to look after mine and my cats daily needs. I can’t provide the physical or cognitive labor required by most communities. Selling my labor for a wage is out of the question.

My family situation is untenable. I have recently realized my trans nonbinary identity, but I remain closeted out of fear. Fear of the area I live in, and fear of losing financial support. After they’re gone, my parents intend for me to live in this house with my oldest sister. I cannot live with a fascist. Not being able to openly explore my true identity is agony.

I’m here to find a supportive queer/trans community that will welcome my disabled and autistic self (and my cats). I will be honest with you, I need mutual aid to go anywhere.

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My name is Matt. I am 61 years young. Spent my life working construction. I became a Liscensed Electrical contractor, eventually ended up working in the power industry. I retired as the Operations Manager of a large combined cycle plant for major national utility. I am now discovering my inner self. I do Yoga daily, meditate, and just completed an Intensive Life Coach course. I also barter handy man work. I just signed a 13 month lease and will be looking for a community to become part of in early 2024.


Hey! Pretty excited to join this online community. I look forward to interactions in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • What should we call you? Courtney (pronouns she/her)
  • Where are you living? Do you live in an intentional community now? I live in a small river town in western Wisconsin with my partner, Glen
  • What are your experiences in community? “covid pod”, cohousing, college
  • Special talents - strategic/analytic, communications, reasoning, emotional intelligence, equity/advocacy work(mainly in lgbtqia communities and environmental justice, but increasingly have some background in white supremacy culture and dismantling systemic racial superiority). I currently have a strong professional history and education in community development including planning, resiliency/energy, engagement, capacity building. I work for a NP that provided technical assistance in rural and native communities around the country.
  • Interests - Enneagram & Zodiac, Outdoors/Natural places
  • Why are you here? Continue expanding my networks, continue hone community development acumen, find opportunity for collaborative/synergistic work.

Willow Haven is forming right now in WA, specifically for marginalized folks in various categories/populations, including people with disabilities and nonbinary folks, so perhaps its something to consider looking into for you if moving far away is possible for you.

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Hello! :slight_smile: I am currently living in Southern California, not in an intentional community, but as I begin my journey of planting my roots and forming my future based on my values, an intentional community is exactly where I feel I belong. I am new to learning about these communities, but I am ready to soak in all the information! I am vegan, a new hobby herbalist, and lover of all things sustainable. I have a passion for animals and the environment. I have experience naturally dyeing clothing, something I’m recently getting back into. I’m here to meet like-minded people who share the same interests in me, and want to learn more about what intentional community is right for us! I’m so excited to be here!


I am Dana (they/them).

I am currently living in Austin, TX but looking to relocate out of Texas, probably back to the Northeast (I grew up in WV).

I currently live alone due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have had negative roommate experiences in the past, but want to build a community with like-minded folks.

I have training in drama therapy, which gives me a lot of skills in group dynamics, facilitation, conflict resolution, etc. which I believe would be an asset in IC.

I want to build a community focused on social justice (and ideally disability justice) principles, especially with other LGBTQIA+, Disabled, and artistic folks who are involved in social movements.

It is important that whatever community I am a part of takes the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic seriously, including continued masking, testing/quarantine after possible exposure, and taking steps to mitigate community spread (avoiding large indoor events, prioritizing curbside pick-up when possible, etc).

Hello, I’m Camille Comeau (she/her), but please, call me Lady Grimoire. I’m living in an apartment with the loves of my life, all part of the same DID system (basically, they all live in the same body). I have no experience in community, yet but I want to create one for DID and OSDD systems, here, in province of Quebec, Canada. I have big interest in learning and traveling around Canada to discover other ICs and how they are doing. I speak french (native), and english (fluent).

My special talent? I do Hypnosis :smiley:

I have DID too! What is it like to romance other alters?

If you haven’t already looked - you might be interested in Willowhaven Society (