Introduction - seeking community to live in

Hello this is Julie. I currently live in NY. I have never lived in an intentional community, I have lived basically alone. Seeking to live in an intentional community based on Gary Null’s criteria/principles. Currently I am on disability. My interests are many: arts, freedom, music, safety come to mind at the moment.


Julie, What part of NY are you from, and how soon are you looking to move? I know of a great place in NY, DM me if interested.


Hello Korey,

I am looking to move soon, in the next few months, my life is sort of in limbo right now. I was originally from NYC, now living in Ulster and Greene counties, NY.

Thanks, Julie

sorry, I am not sure how to DM.


I sent you a DM, not sure if you’ve seen it. Feel free to phone or text if that is easier: 585.310.1803. Korey