Monetisation of community

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While I fear being narrowly characterized, allow me to recap and expand impromptu. If I didn’t mention it in my original post, every single attorney I have approached to assist in the prerequisite legal research for incorporation of this for-profit worker owned and operated cooperative has refused to accept me as a client.

Despite sending an executive summary well in advance, in each case they did not bother to read it because they presumed that I am starting another one of the hundreds of non-profit social services that subsists by competing with other non-profits for grants and donations.

I have had at least 4 or 5 lawyers laugh out loud when I tried to discuss researching how to adapt legal instruments for intellectual property and patent man agent to a cooperative business model. At least two burst out in anger and told me they didn’t have time to waste discussing “nonsense” and told me to get out of their office.

There is no actually legal justification for this. It is entirely an ideological rejection of cooperative capitalism. So threatened are these Free-Market Fundamentalists, that they will say and do anything to sabotage anything that remotely looks like socialism. When faced by a person that embodies everything white patriarchy hates, someone who openly advocates for a Transitional Socialism, comprehensible and accessible to the working poor, their contempt is understandable.