Anyone in the Pacific Northwest seeking a community?

My name is Kyra and I use they/them pronouns. My community is forming and we call it Willowhaven. We are based in WA state and we are looking for local people we can meet and fold into our little circle of friendship.

We are seeking queer, POC, indigenous, disabled, trade workers, low income, or people of otherwise oppressed or underserved demographics. Most of us have faced discrimination in some way, and we want to create a place that accommodates the people most often neglected by projects like these. Together we can do it! Email me at DM me on this site. Ask questions! Poke and prod! I want you to feel comfy getting to know us and our goals.


HI Kyra,
We are setting up a multigenerational ecovillage on Whidbey Island on 12 acres. Where are you located? We are just getting to the nuts and bolts of how to legally set up and bring in more people.


yes! I am looking for communities … especially looking for young families. My young family has a lot to bring to the table around community, permaculture and such and instead of starting our own, we thought it would be great to help an existing community. one that is immersed in nature, that has some level of values alignment (or desire) there in. if want to chat directly :slight_smile:


We do not yet have land and we hope to get 40ac. Would love if you attended our next meeting. Dm me for details!

Hello community friends,
We are also starting an eco community outside of Olympia, WA on 37 acres. The focus of this community is to create a village setting in which to raise our children in a wild and free natural space, grow food and community organically, and foster an animal rescue. We are early in the land acquisition stage, and hope to have 5 lots available for purchase within a year. If any one reading this posts is interested in learning more, please reach out to me with more information about your vision. We are also currently manifesting one more investor.
I’m so inspired to hear of all these new land projects popping up and would love to connect with every PNW community in time!
In love and gratitude,

Hi Ladybird! I just sent you an email! Looking forward to connecting! My email is as well :slight_smile:

I’m down in OR, hoping to cocreate a community with cofounders in the Portland metro area, but not in Portland itself, 5 acres or more, valuing personal liberty, collaborative cooperation, personal responsability, respect and kindness, and connection to the earth. Our goal is to have ownable homes and some to rent so a variety of folks can participate, either be close enough to public transit (or have a rockin’ rideshare system possibly involving a schoolie), and to foster creativity and oppertunity re. community endeavours and personal development (maker space, commonhouse, some community businesses for those who want that, maybe classes and events both for us and the general public to partake of. So far its my husband, one cofounder and myself but we’re communicating with several folks presently to establish who we can work well with.

Hi Kyra, so I asked my friend, the one who wants to start a commune for people with physical disabilities, about that program where the government will build an ecovillage for you if you have 25 or more minority-status folks. She couldn’t remember the name of the program, and unfortunately my google attempts came up empty, but another thing that could be relevent for both of your ideas is the assistance and funding from the BIPOC Intentional Communities Council. Other than that though I’m sad to say I don’t know the name of the original program I mentioned to you a while ago. :frowning: